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Omniheroes’ groundbreaking update: S0 Ashen Phantom, is now live

Omniheroes’ groundbreaking update: S0 Ashen Phantom, is now live
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What lies across the Eternal Gate, and who are Madeline and Ariana? Do you have what it takes to survive the Chaotic Space, and can you prove your might within the Rift Odyssey? These are just some of the latest endeavours you can dive right into in the latest update of Omniheroes, as the very first season kicks things off with "Ashen Phantom".

Discover the "Tome of Itheron"

The "Ashen Phantom" season invites you to unravel the enigmas past the Eternal Gate, and for 8 weeks, you can explore the new realm to learn more about its lost relics. Take up your sword as the Omniguardian and journey with your Valkyries to unearth ancient mysteries, and you might even encounter new heroes along the way.

In particular, Madeline and Ariana are 2 new heroes locked in a love-hate relationship. You can recruit them to your team while recovering legendary relics within this new storyline.

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Survive the Chaotic Space and Rift Odyssey

The latest update adds a brand new roguelike called the Chaotic Space, where you can test your skills across 3 maps with different difficulty levels. As you fight your way to the finish line, you'll need to strategise the best synergies within your lineup while collecting marks and artifacts along the way. These offer valuable buffs in combat, spicing up each new run with useful boons in battle.

Meanwhile, the new Rift Odyssey content will also put your combat prowess to the test. As you clear Main Quests and collect Eternal Marks, you can unlock rituals and challenge your own team's strength.

Boost your abilities with the Eternal Ritual

This season-exclusive progression system makes use of the Eternal Marks you earn from the Chaotic Space to unlock Ritual abilities. This lets you take advantage of special effects during battles depending on your heroes' positions.

You can also clear a variety of tasks to increase your Eternal Level up to level 200. As you boost your Eternal Level, you can also enjoy special enhancements to your attributes and claim in-game rewards.

Dominate the Foggy Colosseum

As a final test of your true might, you can challenge World Bosses and flaunt your strength in the Foggy Colosseum. The most valiant warriors who reach the top 128 spots on Nightmare difficulty will be worthy of a place in the competition.

Then, everyone can get their own slice of the pie by making predictions for double the diamond rewards. Summon tickets are also up for grabs! If that all sounds like it's right up your alley, you can download Omniheroes now on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store to join in on all the fun.

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