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Omniheroes now available worldwide - 4 Reasons to play this stunning fantasy RPG

Omniheroes now available worldwide - 4 Reasons to play this stunning fantasy RPG
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Today marks the dawn of a new era in mobile gaming as Omniheroes, the highly anticipated RPG, officially launches globally. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of fantasy, strategy, and endless possibilities as you step into the shoes of mighty heroes and heroines.

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As the ruins of the once glorious Mirlond lay in front of you, you take up your sword and take heart - you are now the Omniguardian, tasked to unite the Valkyries across the land to save Mythoria. After all, you may have lost your memory, but you haven't lost your cause.

Such is the premise for the new fantasy RPG Omniheroes, and here are just a handful of reasons you should dive right in.

High-quality visuals

Featuring masterfully crafted character portraits that add to the gacha appeal of the fantasy RPG, Omniheroes offers a variety of interesting characters to collect and deploy into battle. The Valkyries, in particular, are presented with gorgeous portraits and lovely animations in battle - even monsters and bosses look stunning during combat.

These quality visuals also complement the narrative of the game, as cut scenes offer beautiful artwork that enhances the story. For instance, the very first major cut scene sees you carrying the Valkyrie Eluller to safety. The backdrops for each new stage are also in theme with the game's epic fantasy vibe.

Strategic combat and multiple synergies

Omniheroes boasts a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. From cunning mages to fearless warriors, there's a hero for every type of player. Dive into the intricate web of synergies and strategies as you assemble your dream team to take on challenging quests and battles.

Combat is a 5v5 affair, where you can strategise the best formations that will take advantage of your characters' strengths in battle. Spear Vindicator Jerald, for example, does melee damage best, while Woodland Priestess Merida can heal her allies from a safe position in the back.

Merida also boasts a useful Synergy with Eluller, as having them both in the party applies shields the amount of 20% of the Valkyrie's HP. This is just one of the ways you can boost your firepower in combat, using over 100 team comps across 17 synergies.

Unique and powerful Valkyries

These Synergies aren't the only reason to collect the Valkyries. One of the very first ones you'll go up against is Arkdina, and the Vengeance Valkyrie is not only designed beautifully, but she also gives you a taste of her power at the very beginning of the game.

Apart from collecting these Valkyries, you can also increase your bond with them during your downtime. Eluller, for instance, will need specific care after suffering injuries during the first major scuffle, allowing you to heal her wounds and increase your intimacy with her.

Don't miss out on the ultimate loot! 777 free summons await you!

With over 1.2 million sign-ups the game has gathered during its pre-registration phase, every player can now score special milestone goodies! And thanks to the "Valkyrie's Bestowal" event, 777 free summons are now for grabs!

Literally no reason to hesitate, you can now download the game on the Google Play Store for Android devices or on the iOS App Store, and don't forget to join the community of followers on the official Facebook, Twitter, and Discord to stay updated on all the latest developments.

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