Twitchy skateboard sim OlliOlli will destroy your face on Vita later this month

Grind away

Twitchy skateboard sim OlliOlli will destroy your face on Vita later this month
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Hope you're feeling rad, as OlliOlli will arrive on your PS Vita this month. That's January 21st for America, and January 22nd for Europe and Asia.

OlliOlli is the twitchy sidescrolling skateboarding game that Mike said is an essential purchase for your Vita after playing it last year.

Now that we know OlliOlli's release dates, it's probably wise to book yourself in for facial reconfiguration in February. I say that because the trailer below insists that "you will slam your face" while performing rad tricks, grinds, and jumps on your skateboard.

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Tom Hegarty, the director of developer Roll7, took to the PlayStation blog to outline what to expect from OlliOlli later this month.

Specifically, he covered the game's four modes. Career Mode has 50 levels split between Amateur and Pro difficulties. Each of these levels come with leaderbords and challenges.

Spots Mode is unlocked for each level after completing it. It sounds like a challenge, as you'll need to perform one long combo trick across the entire level to place on these leaderboards.

Following in the footsteps of Spelunky, OlliOlli will also have a Daily Grind mode. This gives each player one chance a day to score as high as they can on a single spot.

Lastly is RAD Mode, which only allows you to land perfect landings and grinds, otherwise you fail. It seems that you may have to complete the game 100% to unlock this mode.

We won't find out the price of OlliOlli on Vita until launch day.

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