Nvidia Shield TV is out now and these seven gaming greats are launch titles

The Talos Principle, Hotline Miami, and Doom 3

Nvidia Shield TV is out now and these seven gaming greats are launch titles
| OlliOlli

Nvidia Shield TV is out now and seven great games have been revamped especially for the Android set-top box.

Capable of 4K resolution and 7.1 surround sound, the Nvidia Shield TV allows you to play games from Nvidia's GRID service, your own PC wirelessly, or a few exclusives that have been redesigned with SHIELD TV and its slick controller in mind.

Here are the first seven you'll see.

The Talos Principle
By Croteam

The Talos Principle is a first-person philosophical puzzler developed by Croteam, of Serious Sam fame.

It's also out now on a select few Android devices.

Hotline Miami
By Dennaton Games

Hotline Miami is a top-down pixelated violence simulator inspired by the original Grand Theft Autos.

Doom 3
By id Software

The very same Doom 3 that we played on PC and console last gen but given a makeover especially for the Nvidia Shield TV.

By Roll7

OlliOlli is a slick, high score-chasing 2D skateboarding simulator that's also available on 3DS and PS Vita.

War Thunder
By Gaijin Entertainment

Ever wanted to be a WWII fighter pilot? Well now you can, kind of, as that's exactly what War Thunder offers.

By Flying Wild Hog

Juju is a child-friendly co-op platformer with cartoon visuals. All ages can enjoy Juju thanks to varying difficulty settings.

By Vlambeer

Luftrausers is an arcade dogfighter in which you dodge bullets, shoot planes, and try to survive in a fully customisable and upgradeable fighter jet.

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