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How and where to obtain a Graceful outfit in OSRS?

How and where to obtain a Graceful outfit in OSRS?

Even inexperienced players know that equipment is one of the most important parts of OSRS. Getting good gear gives you significant protection and makes you stand out among other players. One such piece of equipment is the Graceful outfit in OSRS.

We will talk about all the possible ways and then tell you the best way to get a Graceful outfit in OSRS.

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Graceful Outfit in OSRS

There are two ways you can get a Graceful Outfit in OSRS. Let’s start with the most straightforward option and then continue with the more advanced ones.


Even though it might seem like Marks of Grace is a more straightforward way to get a Graceful Outfit, it's actually the opposite in practice. Graceful Outfit is pretty easy to get; therefore, many players sell this gear.

You only need to find another person who wants to sell Graceful Outfit. Take into account that some people even give this armour for free. 

Marks of Grace

The most widespread way to get Graceful Outfit is to purchase it using Marks of Grace. The special OSRS currency can be obtained by completing Rooftop Agility Courses. If you play the game actively, you can get approximately 10 Marks of Grace per hour.

The complete Graceful Outfit costs 260 Marks of Grace. If you convert such a high amount of Marks into coins, you will find that Graceful Outfit costs over 2,000,000 coins. And below, you can find the price for every item in the Graceful outfit:

  • Hood - 35 Marks of Grace
  • Top - 55 Marks of Grace
  • Legs - 60 Marks of Grace
  • Gloves - 30 Marks of Grace
  • Boots - 40 Marks of Grace
  • Cape - 40 Marks of Grace


Finally, it would be useful to know more about Graceful Outfit stats. This outfit is a perfect weight-reducing gear that might be helpful even in the later game stages. Below, you can find more about each item of this equipment set:

Item Weight Reduction Energy Restoration Rate
Hood -3 kg +3%
Top -5 kg +4%
Legs -6 kg +4%
Gloves -3 kg +3%
Boots -4 kg +3%
Cape -4 kg +3%

Take into account that you will get 10% additional run energy restoration if you get a full Graceful outfit, which means that the total bonus will be 30%.

Also, Graceful Outfit has 10 customisation options. Even though they cost a lot of money, it is a good way to stand out among others:

  • Arceuus
  • Port Piscarilius
  • Lovakengj
  • Shayzien
  • Hosidius
  • Great Kourend
  • Brimhaven Agility Arena
  • Hallowed Sepulchre
  • Trailblazer League
  • Quest Speedrunning

That’s all you need to know about Graceful Outfit in OSRS. As you can see, there are two main options for getting this item. If you put in enough effort, you can easily get this armour without a lot of fuss.