Monster Hunter Now, Dancing in the Tempest launch details

Get all the juicy details on what you can expect with the new update!

Monster Hunter Now, Dancing in the Tempest launch details
  • Monster Hunter Now's newest update, Dancing with the Tempest, is now live!
  • It introduces the Elder Dragons, new weapons, skills and more
  • We've got exclusive access to all the details, including one major addition

Monster Hunter Now's new season, Dancing with the Tempest, starts today! Introducing the fan-favourite Elder Dragons, new weapons, skills and more, it's promising to be one of the heftiest updates for Monster Hunter Now yet. And we've got exclusive access to all the details of what you can expect.

So, what's new in Dancing with the Tempest?

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Elder Dragon Interceptions are the major new addition. These strange creatures are so ancient they don't even fit into the fictional ecology of the Monster Hunter World. Kushala Daora, Khezu, and Basarios can all be fought by Hunters of rank 11 and above, at specific times and places, from their first at 7:15 AM and their last around 10:40 PM.

Each of these dragons will offer rewards both for defeating them and reducing their health, with even more for breaking particular parts of the body.

There's also the addition of new skills and new weapons like the Gunlance, which we covered before. You can dig into all of this in the new Dancing in the Tempest update, which is live now!


Another new addition however, and likely to be one of the most contentious, is Ultra Hunting Tickets. Ultra Hunting Tickets effectively allow you to bypass the 180-minute cooldown period for participating in Hunt-a-thons and Elder Dragon Interceptions.

Ultra-Hunting Tickets will be purchasable from the in-app shop.

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