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Mobile Legends: How to play and position as a Support

Mobile Legends: How to play and position as a Support

Supports have a really important role in the game, which is to enable the team to play. They will provide vision (by placing wards), heal, shield, and aid every teammate in need.

They can have hard CC, debuffs, and pretty much every other element you might need to make your team unstoppable (depending on the support of course). Overall, they become viable mainly in higher ranks where people know how to play and use them properly.

In the early stages of the game, supports are often overlooked because they could lack in damage and other "useful" skills to bring to the table (a.k.a. kill enemies and siege towers).

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- Are core to the team in higher ranks
- They are heavily utility-focused
- They enable the team
- They fill in any role's needs, without needing kills or much Gold
- Provide vision to the team
- They do not need protection


- They can die quite a lot because they do their best to keep the carries alive
- If they don't know their role, they can be more of a burden than helpful
- They might do unnecessary things, like take kills or Gold, which slows down the carries

How to position as a Support:

As a support, you want to equip role-specific items and help out your laners, you will either roam or stand behind them, constantly healing them and helping them out in fights.

You should only help the laners, not the junglers or other members who are not in the lane. You can fill in the following roles, depending on your team's needs:

- Heal
- Buff / Clear debuffs
- Ward (provide vision)
- Zone enemies out of the lane and provide vision by being in key points
- Poke enemies to help your laners
- CC enemies
- Drive enemies out of position
- Debuff enemies
- Peel for your carries (protect them, heal them, take damage for them/in their place, poke the enemy)

Depending on what your team needs, you can fulfill one or more of these roles. Some of the most often associated with Supports, however, are healing, warding, shielding, and possibly peeling. But there's always more than that to a good support!

What to build:

As I mentioned, you will need to adapt to your team's needs. Build items that will help your teammates survive for longer, and overcome the enemy. Usually, on tanky supports, you want items that will boost their Armor and Magic DEF, as well as items that dispel debuffs and grant additional shields and buffs.

On healers and buffing supports, you're looking at items that greatly enhance the quality of the buffs, even if they won't grant a lot more survivability. Your priority should be to keep the rest of the team alive, anyway.

What Support to play in Mobile Legends:

The meta is always changing, so you should try to pick a hero that is strong in the current patch. Make sure you check out the Mobile Legends tier list to keep up with the latest top-tier Supports!


- As a support, you should always fulfill the role your team needs the most

- Supports should always give the kills to the main carries, don't ks if your carry is around

- There is no "standard" support build or pick. Always choose the hero and items your team needs and adapt to the state of the game.

- You don't have to sit with a single laner all game. If you helped the laner get ahead, and they are holding on their own, you can roam and help others.

To get better at the game, make sure you read our Mobile Legends guide, where you can find all the basics of the game!

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