You’ve just downloaded Mobile Legends and instantly felt like this game will take up quite a lot of your time. I know how you feel, I’ve been there myself. As someone who plays MOBAs quite a lot, I feel like there are too many unwritten rules to these games, which players often overlook, don’t pay attention to, or simply don’t know about, until way later on.

Since I always thought it would be nice to have an easy way to understand these “obscure” mechanics, I’ve put together this Mobile Legends guide, where I will share all the beginner tips and tricks that you need to know about. Everything you learn here should help you get started on the right foot, and with a clear understanding of the game.

Mobile Legends: What is the game’s objective?

The game’s mechanics are quite simple: you need to take down the enemy Crystal, which is located at the core of the enemy’s base. To reach this, your team will have to kill enemy outer turrets (the turrets closest to the middle of the map), inner turrets (the second turrets you encounter, closer to the base), and finally, base turrets (the turrets located in the base, right before the Crystal) to open the base.

Each team will be able to choose a role, which is assigned to a lane (or to the jungle/roaming/ganking). Very early on in the game, most people will not stick to their roles and move chaotically. That’s fine until you rank up and start playing with more knowledgeable players. Roles will impact the game a lot more in these stages.

What heroes I should play in Mobile Legends?

You’re just at the start, but you want to have a good one. So, you should start by learning the skills of the heroes you own and try to practice playing them in their assigned roles. You should then save some currency to unlock some of the meta heroes, which are strong in the current patch/season. You should take a look at our tier list to learn who they are.

Playing a random hero until you can afford one of the “meta” heroes is fine because you will be able to adapt to the game, and better understand how it works (and when you should and shouldn’t fight). Also, if you don't know what class you should play yet, try playing a hero from each role and see which one fits you the best. 

How do I play?

You will start in the base - there you’ll have to purchase items from the top right corner of the screen, then move to your designated lane (you will see an arrow pointing you towards the lane).

In lane, you should try to kill creeps to gain EXP, and use the Gold they drop to buy more items and upgrade your existing ones. When you have a wave pushing towards the enemy tower, let the minions take aggro from the tower and then attack it.

If you want to have a better understanding of each role, you should check our roles guide, where I've broken down each role, and explained in great detail how to position accordingly and much more! 

Keep in mind the following tips:
- you don’t have to fight every time an enemy engages
- you don’t have to chase enemies if they are running away
- you should not chase enemies under their tower
- the more enemy creeps you kill, the more EXP and Gold you gain, so that’s should be your main objective
- you don’t have to give your life for objectives (towers), because then enemies could turn towards YOUR tower
- you should always try to deal the last hit to minions, to claim the full Gold and EXP from them.

How do I win at Mobile Legends?

Winning can be achieved by destroying the enemy Crystal. Sometimes it will take some time because you might have to siege every tower and have all the lanes pushing. If you find yourself in a difficult game (a.k.a. “unwinnable game”), take a step back and assess the situation.

- See if there is anything you could to do help your team shut down the enemy team, and take the chance.
- Farm more, try to get more Gold and EXP, and catch up with the enemies
- Try to kill the jungle monsters for even more EXP, Gold, and buffs
- Pull together your team and try to fight together, not 1 by 1

Mobile Legends: How do I get Diamonds?

You can only get Diamonds by purchasing them. As far as I know, there are no ways of getting free Diamonds at the moment.

Mobile Legends: How do I get Battle Points (BP)?

Battle Points can be obtained in a number of ways, from daily login to in-game events and much more. You can use BP to purchase Heroes, similar to how you would use Diamonds. For f2p players, this should be more than enough to give you the ability to start off in the game and acquire the heroes you want.

Some of the ways to get Battle Points include:
- Medal Chest
- Daily Chest (every 4h)
- Daily quests
- Events

Mobile Legends: How do I unlock Ultimate skill?

You will unlock your Ultimate skill once you hit level 4. That skill is one of the key skills for every hero, so it will have a huge difference once you obtain it.

How do I rank up in Mobile Legends?

You can rank up by winning more games. The ranked mode will unlock when you hit account level 8, so all you need to do is play a few games. The new account boosts will help you get to level 8 quite fast (I don’t remember exactly how many games it took me), so it should be less than 10 games (probably around 5-6 if you only win).

How do I unlock free Mobile Legends skins?

One of the best parts of Mobile Legends in my opinion is the free skins galore. The moment you install the game, you’ll receive an abundance of free limited-time/limited-use skins, which you can take complete advantage of at any point.

Most of the chests, newbie rewards, and events will also reward players with free temporary skins.

Check out the next pages, where I dive a little deeper into some of the basic mechanics of the game! 

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