Updated on: October 12th, 2021 - Minor changes in the tier list

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an amazing MOBA for mobile, which can compare with some of the bigger names out there, like League of Legends: Wild Rift. Similarly, Mobile Legend's got tons of characters, each possessing a unique skill set to take on the battlefield, and we decided to make you this tier list to help you pick the best ones. There are Marksmen, Supports, Tanks, Mages, and a couple of other classes that you can choose to play, depending on what your team needs. 

Since it's a MOBA, I assume you already know the basics: siege enemy towers in order to take them down one by one, gain territory on your opponent, and try to break into their base and defeat their Crystal (the base). Most often you won't be able to do it on your own and will have to rely on your team to win the game. After all, it is a team game!

How did we structure our Mobile Legends tier list?

This Mobile Legends tier list is divided by classes, so choose the heroes according to the role you want to play. Additionally, keep in mind that every team should have at least an engage (which is usually a tank), support (which is often a healer), and damage dealers (which should be both magic damage and physical damage). 

If a team fulfils all of these roles, they will have a higher chance to win the games. The reasoning behind the diversification is due to a number of reasons. First, if a team builds only tanks/supports they will have no damage to siege and take down the enemies. Secondly, if a team builds only damage dealers, chances are they will die quite fast and won't be able to accomplish much either, despite having the damage. So, the best you could do is have a little bit of everything! 

Therefore, it's time to check out the Mobile Legends tier list and pick one of the best heroes for the role you've decided to play!

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