MLB Tap Sports Baseball 22 - Tips, hints and cheats for beginners

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 22 - Tips, hints and cheats for beginners

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MLB Tap Sports Baseball 22 is the latest version of the popular mobile baseball game. As with most of the entries in the series, you'll be playing some fun, quick baseball games both online and offline. Before stepping onto the diamond, you can form your dream team.

In the beginning, you'll have the standard squad based on which team you choose. So for example; the Chicago White Sox are my favourite team and by choosing them, I get the real-world roster. However, you can add some new stars too.

These are done through card packs called "Draft Picks". Open these and you'll have a chance to snag an elite MLB player. If your favourite team is already good, then adding these cards can really boost things.

The gameplay is really easy to pick up and play. It's heavily focused on what you do with the bat more than how you pitch. This is similar to other mobile sports games, such as Retro Bowl, in that it is offense-oriented. Smacking baseballs in MLB Tap Sports always feels great as the sound of the bat is a pure 'crack'. But despite how easy it is to pick up, there are certain things that can add layers of challenge and so here are a few tips for you as you step up to the plate.

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Tip #1: Plate Vision

As simple as MLB Tap Sports Baseball 22 is to fire up and play, there are still certain real-world baseball fundamentals that you need to keep in mind. Different pitchers have their own unique repertoire they'll throw your way. It just depends on who's on the mound.

Some pitchers favour fastballs while others lean towards breaking pitches that move slower. Feel free to take a pitch and get a feel for what they're throwing. Once you see, then you'll be ready to smash the ball with ease as the pitcher looks on in disbelief.

Although taking a pitch can be wise, don't be afraid to be more aggressive as MLB Tap Sports is essentially made this way. It's not like MLB The Show where your plate vision is extra important for good hitting. It still matters here but not as much. Just bear it in mind and get a nice feel for the pitches.

Tip #2: Stealing Bases

The art of stealing bases can sometimes make and break a team's offensive inning. If the player runs and gets thrown out, that'll put more pressure on the batters. If the player steals and reaches the next base, then this puts your team in a great position to drive in a run.

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Consider doing this in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 22. Just keep in mind the player who's on base. It's best to attempt a steal with someone who has good speed. Ratings for speed can be as low as 10 and be as high as 99 so obviously, the higher the better.

A comfortable speed rating would be 75 at the minimum. You can take a chance with a 70 or even a 65 but your chances for success will be less than you can imagine. That said, it is possible. But preferably, doing so a 75 speed or better-rated player is your best bet. Do this, get yourself a good hit, and drive in that run.

Tip #3: Use Your Bullpen Arms

As with real baseball, your starting pitchers will eventually start to get tired in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 22 during your games. Definitely consider taking them out and replacing them with a reliever or closer. You won't be able to control your pitchers so you can't rely on your skills.

If the starter has a no-hitter going then feel free to keep him in at your own risk. If not, then look to the bullpen. This, especially if you were able to get some good quality reliever through Draft Pick card packs on the main menu.

If you have a top-tier starter like Robbie Ray but he's tired and you have an elite closer like Liam Hendriks in your bullpen, it's best to go there and make life difficult for the opposing hitters. In the end, the choice is yours but sometimes, a great bullpen can lead to success.

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