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Phobies guide - Tips and tricks to improve your gameplay

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Phobies guide - Tips and tricks to improve your gameplay

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I hear you want to obliterate your enemies and send them back into oblivion... so I've prepared a list of useful Phobies tips and tricks to help you get a better grip on the situation and understand how to win every single match you play (or at least most of them)!

One thing to get started from the very beginning is the type of games you play. This is an aspect that can easily go overlooked if you didn't pay close attention to your tutorial, so make sure to always keep track of your matches.

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Speaking about matches, you can always engage in multiple asynchronous games at once, and since they unfold in real-time, you will sometimes have to wait quite a bit of time for the opponent to make a move before you can carry on with that match. General knowledge aside, you have a large number of Phobies at your disposal to terrorise enemies as you please, so deploying the best one according to each situation is a very important aspect of the game. We'll share more tips about this below!

A game with endless replay potential

As this heading states, Phobies is a game that you can never really grow tired of. There are always new opponents to challenge, new Phobies to acquire and upgrade, and new ranks to reach. If you expected this to be an easy-to-ace game, you're gravely mistaken. Quite the contrary, Phobies is a game that builds slowly, slooooowly, but gives you just enough 'juice' to keep you coming back.

It takes a pretty long time to expand your roster and to even finish one match, so you always have something to do and work towards.

The Phobies tips and tricks we have shared below will give you some insight into all of these aspects, and a little bit more. So if you're curious about them, let's dive right in!

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Tip #1: Ace the basics and the rest will come naturally

Arguably the most important aspect of the game is understanding the basics; on the board, you have one Heart, which is your "life force" or "HP". As you take damage, this slowly depletes until there's nothing left. By now, you guessed it - no HP means you lost the game. This very principle applies to your opponents as well, therefore the main goal is to use your pawns (the Phobies) to take over the Panic Points and then attack your enemy's Heart.

Each map has multiple Panic Points, and, at the end of each round, the player who took over one or multiple Panic Points will deal passive damage to the opponent's Heart, as follows:

  • 1 Panic Point: -200 HP
  • 2 Panic Points: -400 HP
  • 3 Panic Points: -600 HP
Keep in mind:

After you take over one Panic Point, feel free to move your Phobie around and use it in battle; the Panic Point won't de-activate unless an enemy decides to capture it.

Bonus tips:

Here are some of the basic tips I use in each of my matches. So far they've helped me win all my matches, so feel free to try them out too!

  • Scout your surroundings, as there are several maps that have "key" points scattered throughout. Some have Healing Spas (which heal your Phobies), some tiles have mud, fire, traps, lava, and a bunch of other effects which can negatively impact the Phobies that remain there at the end of a turn.
  • With time, you will figure out how to counter each Phobie, and what the best approach is for each map based on your units.
  • Never rush. You have an 'undo' button in the bottom left corner of the screen, so until you learn how everything works, you can try out all sorts of attacks and movements around the map and see what effects they have, and which is the most efficient. When you've found something that you like, then stick to it and then (and only then!) submit your moves and move on to the next round.

Tip #2: Devise a battle strategy

Each map requires a different approach; some maps are bigger than others, so the Panic Points are farther away from the initial spawn area. You should always ensure that you have multiple types of Phobies readily available, so you can deploy them accordingly.

Bonus tips:

  • I always like to start with a ranged Phobie, with wide area coverage, either Murder Wing or Jar Cannon, or with something like Cowbell who can travel pretty far, yet is "fairly" sturdy. I then try to take over 1 Panic Point ASAP and start moving my Phobie towards the enemy Heart.
  • It helps if you have multiple low-cost Phobies to deploy, as you can try to overwhelm your enemy with sheer numbers.

Tip #3: Take your time to read each Phobie's characteristics, pros, and cons

This is something that I cannot stress enough. It's very important to learn what each individual Phobie can do, as well as all of its strengths and weaknesses. For instance, you should always know that Mechanical Phobies cannot be poisoned, therefore it's useless to even try.

If you're not sure what these are, check them out right here:

  • Undead - Leeches 40% of HP enemies lost to your attacks, but cannot be healed or cured (basically lifesteals 40% of damage dealt)
  • Mechanical - Cannot be poisoned or diseased, but takes additional electrical damage (from Phobies who deal Electrical damage)
  • Dimensional - Deals damage and pulls the enemy one tile in if killed by the enemy. Takes 50% more poison/disease damage
  • Monster - No additional effects

To learn what a specific unit's trait is, you can simply tap on it and then on the unit's small profile icon on the bottom side of the screen. That will expand the card's menu and you can learn all about its attacks and traits.

Tip #4: While you wait for your turn, check out the other challenges!

Phobies is not just about waiting for your turn, and that's a massive relief! You have a number of other content to clear and ladders to climb, so if you're not sure what to do while you wait for your next turn, you can check out all the possible options below:

Use a referral code for 100 free Coffee

Did you know that you can use a referral code to earn some free Coffee? 100 Coffee to be precise - that's super useful, especially as a free-to-play player.

To claim this, simply head over to Settings (the lamp above the Arena) and then tap on Options. Scroll down until you see the Redeem a Referral and then type in your code. If you don't have one, you can use the one I listed below:

  • d9234f15a85c5a93

You can also share yours with fellow players who are in need of a code, down in the comments section.

Challenge the... challenges!

Challenges are additional levels (versus AI) where you have to complete specific requests, such as killing a specific unit, under some set conditions. There are 50 challenges and they each reward you with XP, Tears and even Coffee! Definitely worth completing them all.

Re-check your battle logs, especially your losses

Your battle logs are short video compilations of all of the battles you took part in thus far. You can review them by heading over to your profile in the upper left corner of the screen, and then tapping on the far right button named Battle Logs (which has a movie reel icon). You should check the ones that show your losses, so you can check what you did wrong and what you can learn from your opponents.

It's rare that you can learn something from the wins, but sometimes you can find useful tactics and information in those too.

Level up your account to unlock more rewards

How to level up your account, you may ask? Or... what is the stress level in Phobies? Simple - they're one and the same thing. Stress level is basically your account level, and that can be upgraded by playing and completing more games. You will unlock various cards and other rewards for each level you reach too!

Save your Coffee for the shiny Dreadful Pack

I know, I know, it sounds like a chore more than anything else, but trust me - it's WORTH it. The pack gives you 53k XP (which is a ton!) on top of 377 upgrade cards, out of which you have 36 Rare and 25 Ultra Rare. That's definitely worth the wait if you ask me!

Consider the 7 days 50% BOOST pack

This pack is under Deals -> Boosts, and it costs 70 Coffee for gaining an additional 50% XP bonus. It's something you can always find a good use for, especially if you don't fancy waiting until you have 2000 Coffee.

Tip #5: Upgrade your Phobies, but follow a specific pattern

Since upgrading your Phobies will be very time-consuming and expensive, I'd start by upgrading the most used Phobies first. Then, you can start upgrading at least 1 Phobie belonging to each type (Undead, Mechanical, Dimensional, and even Monster) so you will always have something to counter your opponent with.

Don't stress too much about the rarity of the cards; sometimes Common cards can massively out damage, outrange, and straight-up outclass the Ultra-Rare ones if they're upgraded enough. Common Phobies are, as the name suggests, way more common when opening packs, therefore a lot quicker to find dupes for.

Bonus tips:

  • I like to upgrade two ranged Phobies, just to make sure I have the means to reach the opponent's Heart. After I have the two upgraded, I then prefer to upgrade some of the sturdier ones which are more or less melee (or mid-ranged) and can take a punch while also inflicting considerable damage.
  • As mentioned before, it's smart to have one of each type of Phobie upgraded a little bit, so you can tackle any type of unit your opponent will deploy. That means you should have an electrical type unit upgraded (the ones with lightning bolt icon), a Mechanical one, an Undead one, a Dimensional one, and Stabby (Stabby is always a good idea!)
  • If you happen to acquire a good Ultra-Rare card multiple times, then by all means go ahead and sink all your money into that one. There's a high chance it will pay off in the long run.

We hope that you loved our Phobies guide and that you found our tips and tricks rather useful! Since you like this one, our list of top turn-based games for mobiles should suit you perfectly.

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Cristina Mesesan
Cristina Mesesan
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