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How to make and use tint glass in Minecraft?

How to make and use tint glass in Minecraft?
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Are you still using ordinary glass to create your house in Minecraft? If yes, you have to read this guide. Here we will tell you everything you should know about tint glass in Minecraft.

We have created a step-by-step guide on how to make and use tint glass in Minecraft. Moreover, we will discuss its pros and cons. You can be sure that this guide will be helpful for every Minecraft player who wants to be more creative when building houses in Minecraft.

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If you want to craft Tint Glass, you need to have two items: Amethyst Shard and Glass. After that, you need to open the workbench and put the Glass in the centre of the working space. Then, surround the Glass block with Amethyst Shards from each side. You will get two Tint Glass blocks as a result.

Struggling to understand the recipe in words? Just check the screenshot below where we show you the Tint Glass crafting recipe.

Crafting a tint glass in Minecraft


There is only one problem with crafting Tint Glass in Minecraft - getting Amethyst Shards. They were added to Minecraft in the 1.17 update, and that’s why some players don’t understand how to obtain them.

The best way to get Amethyst Shards is to head to the cave to search for the Amethyst Clusters. They are the fourth and final growth stage for amethyst buds. Therefore, you need to exert extra effort into finding them.

A single Amethyst Cluster can drop four Amethyst Shards, but there are some nuances you need to know about. You must avoid mining Amethyst Cluster using a piston, explosion, or axe. Otherwise, it will drop two Shards instead of four. Amethyst Cluster should only be mined using a pickaxe.

Another vital thing you need to know is that Amethyst Cluster cannot be mined with a pickaxe enchanted to Silk Touch. Otherwise, it will drop the cluster itself instead of the shard.

Consider the Fortune effect if you want to enchant your tool to make getting Amethyst Shards more effective. It can increase the amount of obtained shards to 16 per single Amethyst Cluster.

Tint glass pyramid


The main advantage of Tint Glass over other glass blocks is that it drops as an item if broken with any tool or by hand. Using it, you will never have problems moving into a new house or expanding your old one.

Another advantage of Tint Glass is that it can completely block light and make your house feel dark even in the daytime. Moreover, Tint Glass is transparent and doesn’t affect your house’s view.

That’s it with tinted glass in Minecraft. Consider that it cannot be turned into glass panes, which seems to be the only disadvantage of Tint Glass. Regarding the other aspects, Tint Glass is the best Glass type in Minecraft. If you are looking for more content, then be sure to check out our list of the best ideas for Minecraft farms.