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Minecraft Guides: How To Make A Portal In The Nether

Minecraft Guides: How To Make A Portal In The Nether
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In Minecraft, you're free to make your own fun and come up with a project for yourself. The mobile version of the game contains all the major elements found on the console and PC versions, so there's a lot to work with and experience. In every generated world, there are multiple biomes with distinct resources and threats, adding risk to an otherwise peaceful world. A lot of locations can be reached simply by walking to them or digging deep enough. One, however - the Nether - is not as easily accessible as the rest and requires a Portal to reach it.

The Nether is not for novice players to go wandering into on a whim - it requires a lot of prep. It is arguably the most dangerous biome in Minecraft full of dangerous mobs and possessing a very tricky layout. Still, it's worth braving if you want some unique building materials, treasures, and vegetation that can't be found anywhere else. The challenge is that once you're in the Nether, you won't be able to leave unless you find a Portal. If you're not willing to make the long trek back to where you arrived, it may be more practical to just make another Portal.

How To Make A Portal In The Nether

Despite the power that Portals possess, they're quite easy to craft once you have the materials. The prime material needed is Obsidian. These are blocks that can be found anywhere, but they are very strong so you will need a Diamond Pickaxe to mine them. They naturally occur wherever water meets lava, which can be difficult to find in the Nether. Your best bet is to bring a water source with you by using a bucket to collect it from a natural source using a Bucket. You can then pour the water over lava blocks to turn them into Obsidian. Your other option is to travel along the outskirts of lava lakes and rivers in hopes of finding a place where it comes into contact with water.

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Keeping this in mind, you will need a minimum of 10 Obsidian blocks to make a Nether Portal. The proper arrangement is the following when positioning it vertically: Two on the bottom, three stacked on either side touching the upper left/right corners of the bottom blocks respectively, then two more connecting the corners of the stacks at the top. You can build the Portal anywhere, but it's advised that you find somewhere isolated so you don't have to worry about mobs interrupting you or chasing you through the Portal once it activates. No matter where it's located, it will link to an existing Portal within range or create one wherever it pops you in the Overworld.

After you've arranged the Obsidian blocks, the Portal needs to be activated. You can do this by placing fire within the frame. To create fire, you'll need to use Flint and Steel on the targeted spot. Alternatively, you can use a Fire Charge which can be crafted using Blaze Fire, Charcoal, and Gunpowder.

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