Minecraft is 15, and finally on sale for mobile

Get it for up to 70% off on mobile

Minecraft is 15, and finally on sale for mobile
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  • Minecraft is going on sale for mobile in a very rare treat for players
  • The sale celebrates the game's 15th anniversary
  • Get it now on Google Play and the App Store for up to 70% off

Minecraft, the hit block-building game from Mojang...ah you don't need us to tell you this. Minecraft, perhaps one of the most important games of all time, is having its first sale on mobile. To celebrate the 15th anniversary, you can get Minecraft on the iOS App Store and Google Play for up to 70% off, letting you take the wide world of survival crafting with you wherever you go. For reference, that means on Google Play it's down from $6.99 to only $1.99.

And what do you get with that? Well, do we have to lay out exactly what Minecraft is? The original (yes, we know there are more, before and after) survival-crafting game, Minecraft plops you down in a procedurally generated world of blocks, enemies, resources and more to discover. Survive the night, fight dragons, and build your own home, fort or castle. The possibilities are, almost literally, endless.

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You'll have to forgive us for waxing poetic about Minecraft, but for some on staff this was the thing they would've played as a young 'un, and thus there's some level of nostalgia there. But as Microsoft's 'super game' with spin-offs and even a movie in the works, it is one of the few that has stood the test of time after spawning from early experimentation by indie studio Mojang.

And while the mobile edition does lack some of the best features, like mods and the inherent tinkerability of playing on PC, the core of what Minecraft is, is functionally timeless.

Naturally, Minecraft isn't the only great on mobile. And while it may be hard to measure up to something with such a seismic influence, we'll certainly try to give some suggestions. So why not check out our list of the top 5 new mobile games to try this week to get you started?

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