Are copper golems still viable in Minecraft?

Are copper golems still viable in Minecraft?
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One of the most popular mobs during Minecraft Live 2021 was the copper golem. It didn't win the competition, but there are still a lot of people who want to see copper golems in Minecraft. Even nowadays, this topic is still pretty widely discussed on forums and social media. And in this guide, you will find out if copper golems are still viable in Minecraft.


Before finding out about copper golems, it would be best to learn first about Minecraft Live. The idea of adding a copper golem to Minecraft appeared during this event in 2021.

Minecraft Live is a regular event that happens once a year. Mojang presents new updates on Minecraft Live, but the event also gives every player an opportunity to make a contribution to further updates.

Every year, developers suggest 3 mobs that could be added to Minecraft. And during Minecraft Live 2021, they suggested allay, copper golem, and glare. The winner of this contest could be released in the game, and the winner was allay.


However, the victory was the result of social media hype. Most bloggers and influencers in the Minecraft industry supported allay, and as a result, their audiences supported allay as well.

Minecraft Live


A copper Golem is a new type of golem that could be added to Minecraft. This creature is made out of 100% copper, so it oxidizes over time - which is bad.

Copper Golem is extremely cute. Many players think that he is the cutest mob ever made for Minecraft - it is not only attractive but also useful. Copper Golem is also the first mob in Minecraft that can activate Redstone on demand. Therefore, most players who love building complex mechanisms in Minecraft voted for this little guy.

Talking about stats, there is no official information about the characteristics of this mob. However, as it is small and can oxidize over time, most players believe that it would have poor damage and a meagre amount of health points. And, of course, Copper Golem won't be able to protect you like the Iron Golem - one of Minecraft's most community-loved mobs.

Minecraft copper golem


Mojang didn’t reveal anything about those mobs that lost in the opinion poll. The developers clearly announced that they will release allay, but the fate of the other mobs is still unknown.

During Minecraft Live 2022, one of the candidates was Tuff Golem, so it's evident that Mojang is interested in adding new golems to Minecraft. As such, there is a slight chance that Copper Golem might be released in the future. 

Fortunately, there is still an opportunity to add Copper Golem to Minecraft using mods. Continue reading the guide to find out how to do this.


Currently, there is a Copper Golem modification for every Minecraft version, so you can easily add Copper Golem to Minecraft if you want. Just feel free to search through the net and download the most suitable modification.

Of course, this does have some disadvantages. The foremost one is that there are mods only for Bedrock and Pocket versions of Minecraft. If you play this video game on consoles, you can't install modifications.

And the last disadvantage of modifications is that you may not be able to play on some Minecraft public servers with strong anti-cheat. As a result, you will not be allowed to play the game. Still, the most popular servers won't block you, which is pretty excellent.

In conclusion, Copper Golem was one of the most popular mobs on Minecraft Live 2021, and the only reason it wasn't added to the game was that bloggers forced fans to vote for another mob. Nowadays, many players want to see it in the game, but it won't happen in the near future - so if you want to have Copper Golem in Minecraft, you should install specific modifications which will add this mob to the game.

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