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Minecraft: How to Breed Wolves

It's also historically accurate - you'll turn wolves into dogs!

Minecraft: How to Breed Wolves
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Aside from all the blocks that Minecraft has to offer, there is also a wide range of mobs. This term refers to any non-player being that exists within the world. They can be as simple as animals like ducks or as terrifying as fire-breathing Ghasts. When it comes to animal mobs, many of them are harmless or, at the very least, neutral toward you, allowing you to carry on as usual. Still, it's worth your time to learn about some of these mobs as they can provide useful materials or even services. Among them, the Dog or Wolf mob can be very helpful to you.

Wolves can be found in almost any biome across the Minecraft worlds. They can be alone or in packs but, thankfully, are not aggressive toward you. They may look in your direction if you get close, but will otherwise ignore you unless attacked, which will turn them hostile. If you do fight them, you'll learn how tough they can be, so it makes sense to tame them. A tamed Wolf will faithfully follow you and attack any mobs that attack you. If you'd like an army of Wolves and the chance to earn more XP, there's the option to breed them as well.

How to Breed Wolves

Minecraft wolf pup

Before you can breed wolves, you need to tame them first. While you're out exploring, look for fully-grown Wolves instead of pups. When you find one, make sure you have plenty of Bones. If you're having trouble getting Bones, just defeat a few Skeletons at night or deep in the caves. Then, you can take the Bones and feed them to the wolf of your choice. Each Bone has a 33 per cent chance to tame the Wolf. You'll know you succeeded when the Wolf gains a red collar and starts sitting. Once tamed, you can no longer feed the wolf Bones.

How many wolves can you tame

There's no limit to how many wolves you can tame, so use the Bones to go tame another wolf. Before you can start breeding the wolves, you need to make sure they have full health. This is indicated by their tail which is raised high at full health and drooped low when low on HP. Wolves will also whine and whimper when they are injured. To heal a wolf, simply feed them any type of Meat and wait until its tail raises back up.

Once you have two tamed wolves with full health, you can start breeding them. You'll also need meat for this process. Make sure you use meat to lead the wolves to a spot where they're close together. After that, feed each of the wolves a piece of meat. This will cause them to start emitting hearts around their heads to indicate that they're ready for breeding. Since they're close together, they immediately seek each other out and start the breeding process. After a few moments of contact, a wolf pup will spawn. You can also feed the wolf pup meat to help it grow up faster, and then you'll end up with another fully grown tamed wolf.

We hope that you found our guide for breeding wolves in Minecraft useful. Would you be interested in checking the smallest houses in Minecraft, or maybe how to make a portal in the Nether?

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