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How to breed a villager in Minecraft

How to breed a villager in Minecraft
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Even though villagers in Minecraft are underestimated by some players, they remain one of the essential parts of this video game. You can trade with them to get valuable perks like enchanting, make endless Emeralds or Iron, and do various other things. We will teach you how to breed a villager in Minecraft.


Generally, you should know that nothing is challenging about breeding villagers in Minecraft. First, you should find the village. Here, you need to find two lonely villagers and get them into the same room together.

When two villagers are in the same room, you should place beds inside. The fact is that the room should contain at least three beds to breed villagers successfully. At the same time, villagers will fill all the beds that you put in. Therefore, if you place more than three beds, you will generate more than three villagers.

Also, you should keep in mind that there must be two blocks of free space above every bed. And make sure to check for stairs or half slabs. These blocks might also prevent villagers from breeding.

And when you have appropriately placed enough beds, you must ensure that every villager has enough food in their inventory. The fact is that villagers can breed a baby only when they have food in the inventory. If you place a lot of beds, they might require a significant amount of food.

And the last thing you should do is leave the room and close the doors. Baby villagers will appear after a short time. Also, keep in mind that there are no limitations on breeding villagers. You can do it even 10 times a day until you have free beds.


Fortunately, there is a way to breed villagers automatically for players who only have a little time to play Minecraft. First, you need to build large boxes and place beds there. The more beds you place, the more effective this breeding farm will be.

After that, you should build a small garden inside this box. The fact is that villagers will automatically harvest crops and place them in the inventory if they appear closed inside this box. As a result, they will always have some food to breed a villager in Minecraft. You only need to log into the game regularly to add new beds.


Also, you should remember that villagers should have a high Willingness to breed another villager. And there are two ways you can increase it in Minecraft. Both of them are pretty expensive.

The first and main way to increase villagers' Willingness is to feed them. You need to give the villager 12 carrots, 12 potatoes, and 12 beetroots. Also, 12 beetroots can be replaced with 3 bread. If you give all these resources to the villager, he will get 100% Willingness and breed extremely fast.

And the second way to breed villagers is by trading. If you complete a new trade with a villager you have not met before, he will get 100% Willingness. Unfortunately, the willingness is equal to 20% for villagers that you've already completed trades with. Therefore, it would be best to complete the newest ones.


The foremost thing you should know is that every village has villagers' limits. Until the Pillage update, this number was set by the number of doors in the village. However, at the moment of writing, it is set by the number of beds. So, the more beds you have, the more villagers you can breed.

Also, it would be best to create a separate room in the village and fill it up with beds. It will expand your town at a low cost significantly.


Once you know how to breed villagers in Minecraft, it's time to find out how to find an occupation for your villager. The fact is that every villager in Minecraft claims a job. For example, he can become an Armorer, Farmer, Fletcher, and Toolsmith. But there is an exception - there is a small percentage of villagers with green robes. Unfortunately, these citizens can't take any profession.

Nothing is challenging in selecting a profession for a baby villager. You should only place some job blocks near the villager. After that, he will automatically get an occupation. If you decide to change it, you can do it in the future.

In conclusion, breeding villagers in Minecraft is one of the most exciting things you can do in the game. Moreover, you can make an automatic breeding farm and not spend time on breeding. And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on where to find and how to use copper in Minecraft.