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Minecraft: How to craft and activate crying obsidian

Minecraft: How to craft and activate crying obsidian

In Minecraft, crying obsidian is a somewhat rare block that can be used in different ways such as making respawn anchors and energizing beacons. It can be difficult to find and get crying obsidian since it's only available in specific locations and requires particular tools to obtain. On this page, we will explain the various ways to obtain crying obsidian in Minecraft.

What is a crying obsidian in Minecraft?

Crying obsidian is an alternative form of a regular obsidian block that was implemented into the Minecraft universe with the advent of version 1.16, also known as the Nether Update. This block has a unique visual aesthetic as it features purple accents. Unlike its normal variant, it cannot be used to build nether portals

Block of obsidian

What is the use of crying obsidian in Minecraft?

Crying obsidian is considered to be special because it is the key to making a respawn anchor. A respawn anchor allows you to designate a respawn location in the Nether. When the respawn anchor is activated (by using a glowstone), you can return to the spot in the Nether where the anchor was placed.

Block of crying obsidian in Minecraft

Is crying obsidian rare in Minecraft?

The short answer to this question is yes. Because, unlike a regular obsidian which you can create by pouring water on lava, you cannot craft a crying variant. But, even though there is no way to convert normal obsidian into crying obsidian, there are a few methods that you can use in order to acquire one.

How to acquire a crying obsidian in Minecraft

One way is by trading with Piglins which can be found in basion remnants around Nether. This method isn't really recommended though, as it's not guaranteed that you will actually get a crying obsidian. As a matter of fact, Piglins have less than a 9% chance to barter up to 3 crying obsidians when you give them a gold ingot.


Another way is by opening chests that you can find in bastion remnants. Even though this method also doesn't guarantee that you'll get a crying obsidian, the chances are much higher than trading with the Piglins. For reference, a treasure chest has over a 33% chance to contain up to 5 crying obsidians.

If you don't want to gamble, harvesting a crying obsidian from a ruined portal block with a netherite or a diamond pickaxe is the way to go.

How to harvest crying obsidian in Minecraft?

The first order of business is to locate a ruined portal. Once you do that, look for a purple block among the ruins of the portal. It can be either in the portal's frame or somewhere around it. It emanates purple, so it's hard to miss it.

Next, you should use your pickaxe to break it. Keep in mind that only one crying obsidian will drop from each block. Once it's on the ground, pick it up fast because it will disappear after a while.

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