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Minecraft: Pigling trading list and how to begin trade

Minecraft: Pigling trading list and how to begin trade
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While most players think they can only trade with villagers in Minecraft, the reality is the opposite. Playing Minecraft, you can trade with Pigling, a special neutral mob found in the Nether.

In this guide, you will learn everything about Pigling in Minecraft. We will discuss Pigling’s trading list and how to begin trading with this mob. This guide can be pretty handy for every person who wants to progress in Minecraft.

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Trading with Pigling - gold bars

Trading with Piglings is slightly more complicated than trading with villagers. First and foremost, these mobs are spawned only in the Nether, meaning that you need to make a Nether portal and put significant effort into finding this monster.

Once you arrive at the Nether World, head to the Crimson Forest. It is a particular Nether biome and the primary spawn location of Piglings. In the other areas of the Nether World, Piglings are considered rare mobs that cannot be found without significant effort.

Another important thing you should know is that Piglings have a passion for gold. They love Gold Armor, tools, and weapons. These mobs can act aggressively if you are not wearing Gold Armor. So, you should wear at least one gold item to be safe near Pigling.


If Pigling doesn’t become aggressive, you can start trading with this mob. Still, the process goes very differently compared to trading with villagers. You need to throw down the Gold Ingot in front of the Pigling. If the mob saw the Ingot, it would pick it up from the ground and offer you something in return.

The main problem here is that they are unpredictable. These creatures can provide you with any of the items in the table below:


Dropping Rate

Crying Obsidian 9%
Blackstone 9%
Soul Sand 9%
Obsidian 9%
Nether Brick 9%
Leather 9%
Gravel 9%
Fire Charge 9%
Magma Cream 5%
String 4%
Nether Quartz 4%
Glowstone Dust 4%
Water Bottle 2%
Splash Potion of Fire Resistance 2%
Potion of Fire Resistance 2%
Iron Nugget 2%
Iron Boots with Soul Speed Enchantment 2%
Ender Pearl 2%
Enchanted Book with Soul Speed 1%

The list of items might be expanded with the 1.20 and further updates. We will update this article as soon as possible to share the latest information.

Consider that there is no legal way to affect the dropping rates. If you want to change the way this mob works, the only option to do it is to install modifications. Bedrock and PE versions of Minecraft are full of mods, so it won’t be a problem.

That’s it with Pigling in Minecraft. Even though everything sounds straightforward, consider that the Nether world is one of the most dangerous dimensions in Minecraft. Here you can encounter many angry mobs that will try to kill you as soon as they get a chance. In case you're looking for other guides that are rather relaxing, learn how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft.