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Guide to creating an automatic chicken farm in Minecraft

Guide to creating an automatic chicken farm in Minecraft

There are numerous food sources in Minecraft, with chicken being one of the finest. You can primarily cook them and consume the same to meet your hunger requirements and restore health.

Making an automatic chicken farm could be a great decision that you can take, as you will then have a recurring source of food constantly being farmed. There are multiple unique ways/designs of creating such a farm; however, the theory behind them is almost standard in all cases.

If you want a detailed guide on creating an automatic chicken farm, we have explained the entire process, the materials required, and more.

How to create an automatic chicken farm in Minecraft

Materials required to build the farm

Minecraft materials

Listed below are the materials that you would have to keep ready if you are trying to build an automatic chicken farm inside Minecraft:

  • 2x Observers
  • 2x Dispensers
  • 2x Redstone dust
  • 1x Comparator
  • 2x Hoppers
  • 1x Chest
  • 8x Glass Blocks
  • 1x Carpet
  • 1x Slab
  • 1x Lava Bucket
  • Building Blocks of choice (Other than wood)
  • Chickens (Breed them up to 24)

Once you get all these items, you can start creating the farm. It might sound a little challenging to make, but you will be able to achieve the same in a short time.

Steps to make the automatic chicken farm in Minecraft

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You can follow the detailed steps provided below to make the automatic chicken farm in Minecraft:

  • Step 1: To start, you can place the chest anywhere in your Minecraft world where you wish to create the farm. You may then go behind the chest and attach the hopper.
  • Step 2: Place a building block next to the hopper and place both dispensers on it in a manner where they are facing toward the hopper. After this, you must place the slab on top of the hopper and also the lava bucket into the top dispenser.
  • Step 3: Next, place 2x glass blocks on each side of the slab to create a box-like structure. You may now go behind the dispenser and place another hopper and the carpet on top of it.
  • Step 4: Once you have placed the carpet, you can place a building block behind the hopper and put the redstone comparator on top of it with the two sticks facing the side of the hopper.
  • Step 5: Subsequently, go on top of the hopper that has the carpet and shift jump to put the observer. Upon doing this, you must place glass blocks on either side of the carpet.
  • Step 6: You can finally lure the chickens onto the carpet. Breed them to a total of 24. You can place temporary blocks to help you achieve this.
  • Step 7: To nearly complete the process, place an observer over the chickens facing in the direction of the chest. You can ultimately place the redstone dust on the observer placed in step 5 and on top of the dispenser.

Following all these steps will help you build a fully functional automatic chicken farm in Minecraft. You can also check out the video attached above to have a visual look at the entire process and avoid any mistakes.

On top of this, you may further design the area around the farm to make it look more appealing and pleasing. For that purpose, you can use the wide variety of blocks present inside Minecraft.

How to lure chickens into the farm?

Three Minecraft chickens

Luring chickens into a specific structure is one of the most critical phases of making an automatic chicken farm. You can start by finding preferably two chickens in the open world. Following this, you may use seeds to lure them to the structure you have created. Once they climb on top of that, push one chicken into the hole and then breed it with the other chicken by feeding them the seeds.

You must then continue the breeding process until you get 24 chickens inside the specific block. Essentially, having 24 chickens will provide the most efficient output; going above that number isn’t possible since the chickens will cram inside one block of space.

How does the automatic chicken farm function?

The functionality of the automatic chicken farm isn’t that complex, and basically, the 24 adult chickens you have gathered will lay the eggs. Those eggs will get transferred into the dispenser through the hopper.

New baby chickens will be formed from the eggs and soon grow into adults. Once they become adults, the lava eventually kills them, leading to cooked chicken. The same will go into the chest via the hopper, and you can then go ahead and collect them. You may create multiple of these farms if the requirement for the chicken is higher.

That’s the whole process of creating an automatic chicken farm in Minecraft, and you will now have a fully operational farm as your food source. Aside from this, you might want to learn how to breed Turtles, or how to tame a llama.

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