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How to make candles in Minecraft 1.19

How to make candles in Minecraft 1.19
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You have the ability to craft a range of items inside Minecraft, with candles being one of them. Essentially, candles are among the few light-emitting items in the game, and you can also place them on top of a cake to make it a candle cake.

The process of making candles is pretty simple, and you need to get your hands on string and honeycomb to complete the crafting procedure. You may further dye the candle to have it in the desired shade.

 Have a glance at the following section for a detailed explanation of how to make candles in the Minecraft 1.19 version.

How to make candles in Minecraft 1.19

1) Collect honeycomb and string

String and Honeycomb in Minecraft

The first stage in making candles in Minecraft is to collect honeycomb and string. The former will be found in beehives and will require the use of shear to gather. However, you should know that hostile bees will emerge and attack you as you try to collect honeycomb. This is why you must have a campfire beneath the beehive to stop them from being aggressive.

When it comes to the string, you can obtain it through various sources, the most popular of which is mob loot. Aside from that, you can receive it by breaking cobwebs and tripwires. It can also be gained via chest loot.

2) Making the candle

Making a candle

After you have the two required items, you can proceed with crafting. Below are the simple steps for the same:

  • Step 1: Head to the crafting table and open the crafting menu.
  • Step 2: Place the string anywhere in the first two rows of the 3x3 grid. Subsequently, you must place the honeycomb beneath the string.
  • Step 3: The candle will be crafted, and you can drag it into your inventory.

Once you have the candle, use flint and steel to light it up. Four candles can be placed on a single block and emit a decent amount of light. You may further use candles for decoration.

Natural generation of candles

Candles also naturally generate, and crafting isn’t the only way to acquire this particular item. You can find the white ones in the Ancient City, whereas the green, brown, purple, and red candles can be located in the trail runes.

As a result, you may further get your hands on the candles at these specific structures/locations in the game.

How to dye candles

Dyeing candles

Getting coloured candles can provide a great aesthetic, so you can use different types of dye to get yourself one. The following are the steps that you can check out to dye candles:

      • Step 1: In the crafting menu, place the candle you already possess.
      • Step 2: You must then place the dye of the desired colour on the right side of the candle. This will create the dyed candle.

Eventually, you can drag the candle into your inventory and use it at the required place.

That’s the guide on making candles in Minecraft - you are now aware of the exact procedure for crafting. If you're interested in other crafting guides, check how to create and use lecterns in Minecraft.

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