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How to craft Mud Bricks in Minecraft

How to craft Mud Bricks in Minecraft
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Minecraft has a wide range of unique blocks that serve various functions in the sandbox game. Among the blocks you can find is the "Mud Brick", which can be used to construct structures and more.

Crafting Mud Bricks within Minecraft is pretty simple, and you can achieve the same by putting together 4x Blocks of Packed Mud. The following guide covers all the specifics you would want to know, i.e., from creating Packed Mud and making them into Mud Bricks to the uses of Mud Bricks.

How to craft Mud Bricks in Minecraft

To begin, you must create a Packed Mud, which will require a Block of Mud and Wheat. A Block of Mud can be found in Mangrove Swamps, and it can also be manually created by using the Water Bottle on a Dirt block. At the same time, you can farm Wheat from the Wheat Crops.

Once you have Packed Mud in possession, you can start crafting Mud Bricks in Minecraft. The following steps provide the details about the same:

  • Step 1: Open the crafting menu and place 4x Packed Mud in a 2x2 square shape anywhere on it.
  • Step 2: After placing the Packed Mud, the Mud Brick will be crafted, and then you may drag it into your inventory.

Besides crafting, the Mud Bricks will also be available naturally in the trail ruins after the release of the Trails & Tales Minecraft 1.20 update. Until then, the primary way you can get the Mud Bricks in the game is by making them using Packed Mud.

You can also obtain it by using the "/give username minecraft:mud bricks itemcount" command. However, it is broadly accepted in the community that using commands does not provide the best experience, and that manually getting things are more enjoyable by putting in the necessary effort.

Uses of Mud Bricks in Minecraft

Mud Bricks primarily have the function of creating structures that you can utilise in constructing buildings. You can employ them for the following:

1) Creating Mud Brick Slabs: You can make Mud Brick Slabs out of Mud Bricks by placing three of the same block in a horizontal line. The slabs could be part of the house you're building in the game. 2) Creating Mud Brick Stairs: Mud Bricks can also be used to make stairs; place one block on the first row, two blocks on the second, and three blocks on the third. 3) Creating Mud Brick Walls: The third structure you can form using Mud Bricks is the Mud Brick Wall. You must place the blocks in a 3x2 rectangular shape to get the wall. 4) Used under note blocks: Apart from creating the three structures, you can place the Mud Brick under a note block. This will essentially produce a bass drum sound which is pretty nice to hear.

These are all the uses for Mud Bricks in Minecraft, and you will surely now know how you can create and use the particular block in the game. Besides this, you can also check out our guide on making the Eye of Ender to learn about this particular rare item.

Nishant Thakkar
Nishant Thakkar
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