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Mech Arena beginners guide - Blast like never before

Mech Arena beginners guide - Blast like never before

It's always interesting to start a new game, but to enjoy it thoroughly, you'll have to learn a thing or two first. Here are some Mech Arena tips for new players.

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Plarium’s Mech Arena boasts a wide variety of playable game modes, each equipped with equally thrilling multiplayer shooter gameplay that grips your attention from the get-go. We’ve prepared a wide array of tips to help new players increase their win rate and have more fun overall - as a winner, of course! We've explained a host of crucial gameplay mechanics and their functions to make it easy for a new player to join the action. PvP lovers will find themselves right at home with a high level of competitiveness observed across the ranking boards.

Keep in mind that while strategy is going to play a big role in increasing your chances of victory, the majority of the game is going to boil down to your own skills. The way you manoeuvre the vehicle, customize the formations and have a steady game plan to follow - all of these mechanics matter the most.

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Tip #1 - Customizing the Hangar to Build a Playstyle

The Hangar is the perfect place for beginners to build their own play style. By play style, we mean having a unique identity on the battlefield. Of course, that boils down to a variety of factors such as the type of mech you’re going to use, the type of weapons you equip to your mech, and the synergy between them. Each mech has its own set of unique passive and active abilities, and they offer a unique insight into action. For example, a Lancer mech is best equipped with RPG2 due to its high damage capacity and lesser energy capacity consumption.

On the other hand, mechs like Paragon are better suited with weapons such as Autocannons due to being bulky and not being able to roam around the map fast enough. Autocannons are lock-on weapons that deal a barrage of damage towards the enemies on sight, helping the player position themselves better in order to avoid lethal damage.

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Tip #2 - Understanding the Mech Types

One of the biggest advantages you can get on the battlefield is by simply researching the different types of mechs available. Each mech has access to different types of abilities, each of which is suited for different game modes. Using a variety of combinations of mechs can aid you in intense matches even when a single mech goes down. You can assign up to 5 unique mechs in the Hangar. However, you can only switch between your mechs at certain points of the game, such as the start of the game or the destruction of your existing mech.

Each mech has its own pros and cons, and a good player will always utilize this information. For example, the Paragon is a great starter mech that you can use to create some space for your allies and lead the charge on checkpoints.

It can withstand a lot of hits, and can even deal a decent chunk of damage. However, it’s not optimal for seizing enemy checkpoints, especially when you’re losing by a huge margin and time is passing by quickly. This is partially due to its low movement speed and low damage output. You can instead let the Paragon destroy itself by forcing damage, and switch to a better agile high-DPS alternative mech such as Surge.

Tip #3 - The Constant Dilemma - Kills V/S Objectives

Mech Arena is home to 3 different types of game modes - Control Point Clash, 5v5 Deathmatch, and 2v2 Deathmatch. Due to the restrictions imposed by the game, all the ranked matches are played in the Control Point Clash game mode. Hence, the core objective of players is to gain influence over the entire map within a certain amount of time. Each map has 5 control points that are neutral (grey-coloured) from the start. Teams on either side, composed of 5 players each, then rush forward to secure their influence over the checkpoints. The team with the highest checkpoints influenced wins, or the team that destroys all mechs of the enemy team wins.

These conditions give rise to 2 distinct types of play styles - kill and win, or siege and win. The former strategy focuses on killing all enemy mechs from the get-go and makes use of more DPS-oriented mechs such as the Lancer, Surge, and Zephyr from the start. The latter type of strategy focuses more on a balanced approach, by mixing up tanks, DPS, and support mechs in the mix. Their aim is to simply conquer all checkpoints, or at least maximum checkpoints, in order to win the match when the timer runs out.

Tip #4 - Playing fast and furious

This is a unique play style that incorporates the use of a fast and high DPS output type mech such as the Zephyr or Surge. You can also use a common starter mech such as the Lancer if you do not have access to the legendary mechs. High-speed mechs are always the toughest to hit as enemies would require a lot of precision to hit them. Hence, make use of your speed to zip through enemies at all times and avoid staying still. This applies to all moments, such as when you are taking control of a checkpoint.

Tip #5 - Upgrade your Mechs

Despite being a skill-oriented action game, Mech Arena has a lot of factors that make it a subtle RPG in many ways. Firstly, it harbours the loot mechanics that are associated with gacha games, wherein you have a “chance” to unlock different rarities of mechs. Such loot boxes themselves come in different rarities and can be obtained by simply playing the game, competing in events, and climbing up the rankings.

Out of the loot boxes, players can get tons of mech cards for new and existing mechs. These cards can be used to boost the power level of your mechs. This happens by a direct increase in the core stats of a mech such as HP, Power, Ability Cooldown, Ability Duration, and Speed. Stats play a significant role in the game, regardless of the game mode. The higher the stats, the better your offensive and defensive capabilities will be.

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