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Snowbreak Containment Zone tier list - Every character ranked

Snowbreak Containment Zone tier list - Every character ranked

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Updated on September 21st, 2023 - Added new characters

Are you looking for a Snowbreak Containment Zone tier list? Here at Pocket Gamer, we have your back! We will analyze the heroes in Snowbreak Containment Zone, rank them and talk about their strengths, but also their weaknesses.

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As you probably already know, C Tier includes the weakest characters while the strongest ones in the game are placed at the top of our list (S+ Tier). Similar to our other lists that you're used to, like our Warhammer 40k Tacticus tier list or tier list for Brown Dust 2.

Before we get into the tier list, we should note that our evaluation is based on the heroes' performance at maximum development. In other words, a certain level of upgrading is required as well as neuronics investment. Also, in some cases, Operatives need a proper weapon in order to perform according to their ranking.

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SS Tier

Name Weapon Type Rarity
Yao Winter Solstice Sniper Thermal 5-Stars
Acacia Kaguya Pistol Frost 5-Stars
Lyfe Wild Hunt Submachine (SMG) Frost 5-Stars

Even though no Snowbreak tier list is absolute, you won't find many people to argue that Yao - Winter Solstice can be the best DPS Operative in the game when it comes to boss fights. "Can be" is the key here. You see, she relies on Space Cowboy to unlock her full potential. Without that synergy or manifest 1, she's not the best but is still very strong. Her skill Scorching Sun Awakening triggers an explosion that can interrupt the targets' special skill. With her Obsidian Core Impact skill, she can knock enemies into the air, and then place a trap that deals damage over time (DoT). Her Ultimate skill not only grants her more resistance but also gives her more damage.

Acacia is a support Operative who deals frost-type damage. Her standard skill Hover throws a dart that deals damage and decreases enemy movement speed. Moon Halo (Support skill) throws a dart that deals frost damage and decreases enemies' resistances (All types). Her ultimate move is Lunar Eclipse. It can deal damage in an area and decrease enemies' movement speed. With her manifestations, she gets more damage, resistance reduction and fewer cooldowns. Even though they are nice to have, they are not necessary for her to perform.

This version of Lyfe is great for clearing waves. Her standard skill is Frost Wolves. Once activated, it releases a stream of Frost Fangs that can trigger explosions on impact and deal frost-type damage. Her ultimate move Eternal Blizzard removes Frost Wolves' limitations. That, along with her manifestations Gored and Red Mist, are very important for Lyfe's overall damage output.

S Tier

Name Weapon Type Rarity
Fritia Hush Submachine (SMG) Thermal 5-Stars
Marian Swift Sniper Kinetic 5-Stars
Fritia Little Sunshine Asasult Rifle Thermal 4-Stars
Marian (Queen of Pain) Sniper Chaos 4-Stars

Let's start with the main reason why Fritia Hush is ranked so high. It's because of her her ultimate move, Until Pain's End. Fritia becomes stationary and gains a shield that is based on her max HP while releasing “Lasting Flame” onto her enemies. This move deals a lot of thermal-type damage which increases as the target continues to burn. Of course, a move that leaves you unable to move can be problematic. That's why, it's essential to get the right manifestations.

Marian Andreotti, aka Swift , is a DPS operative that deals Kinetic-type damage. By unlocking her manifestations - it's a must - she can lock on a target without aiming her shots. Horn of the Orca is probably the best weapon for her currently because of the damage increase it offers. Cloud Shot, her standard skill, will mark the target and it can also crit and hit "weakspot".

This Fritia variant is a support operative that deals thermal-type damage. We don't have to talk much about her abilities as you don't want her as an active operative. She's ranked this high for her ability to boost the active operative's damage output.

Marian Queen of Pain is an all-around operative that deals chaos-type damage. Her ability Smokescreen causes Marian to enter a Stealth state and increases her move speed by 50%. A Dark Crow Phantom is deployed in her location to taunt nearby enemies. This ability can be a lifesaver and get you out of difficult situations. She's good enough even without any investment.

A Tier

Name Weapon Type Rarity
Ji Chenxing (The Observer) Asasult Rifle Electric 5-Stars
Enya (Big Sis) Pistol Thermal 4-Stars
Acacia - Redacted Pistol Chaos 4-Stars
Yao - Quite Quitter Sniper Frost 4-Stars
Lyfe - Wednesday Submachine (SMG) Electric 4-Stars

The Observer is an operative who can control zones thanks to her area abilities that repel surrounding targets. Her standard ability Heavenly Law deploys a turret that can shock enemies, dealing Electric-type damage. Her support skill Physic works in a similar way but it can also provide some healing. Ji Chengxing is one of the two operatives who have healing in their kit. Even though manifestations are always good to have, they are not necessary for her to perform to this standard. Trial's Eve is the best weapon for her hands down. Overall, she's an operative with a certain style of play that is not for everyone.

It's hard to actually evaluate this variant of Enya. If you are playing with Yao Winter Solstice then Enya is a must-have. Think of her as Yao's big sis. In any other case, she's ok. Regardless, if you pair her with Winter Solstice and give her a Prismatic Igniter she can take Yao's damage to another level.

Acacia - Redacted is among the best operatives when it comes to clearing hordes of enemies thanks to her ability "Spokes of the Wheel". Acacia throws her dagger which ricochets towards surrounding targets. Star Ocean is probably the best weapon for her as it synergizes well with her standard skill. Manifestations can further increase her damage output.

Yao - Quite Quitter is one of the only two operatives with the ability to heal. The other is "The Observer". Her support skill Paid Overtime deploys a device that heals operatives within range every 3 seconds. Her standard ability turns her into a solid DPS as Yao deploys Slacker's Aimd to continuously replenish her ammunition.

Lyfe (Wednesday) is a DPS operative that deals Electric-type damage. Equipped with an SMG-type weapon, she can continuously fire at her enemies. Of course, because of the weapon type, her DPS comes alive in close-range combat. Her standard ability Raven's Command allows Lyfe to deploy 2 drones that will fire missiles at the enemies non-stop. Her support skill Gungnir deals AoE damage. Her ultimate From a Windy Tree adds a knock-up on top of continuous damage.

C Tier

Name Weapon Type Rarity
Nita (Hands) Shotgun Kinetic 4-Stars
Haru (The Ace) Pistol Kinetic 4-Stars

All of Nita's skills provide something useful, from damage, to crowd control and even shields. However, as good as she might be, she's not placing higher in this tier list because there is no need to sacrifice one spot on the team for a dedicated front liner when that spot can be filled by someone like Fenny (currently S tier).

Haru's ultimate, Beyond Here Lies Nothing, is a great skill for applying crowd control on enemies, but the rest of her skill set is lacking. Due to the low damage and long cooldowns, she's not a character that would be viable in any other tier aside from C.

B Tier

Name Weapon Type Rarity
Fenny (Lionheart) Shotgun Kinetic 4-Stars
Cherno (Those Two) Submachine (SMG) Chaos 5-Stars
Mauxir (Kitty) Submachine (SMG) Frost 4-Stars

Fenny, known as Lionheart is an operative who fights in the frontlines. Armed with a shotgun, she deals kinetic damage to her enemies. She's more of a support operative whose role is to initiate and apply crowd control (CC). Her ability Queen Bee damages the enemy multiple times and interrupts the target's special skills while allowing her to reposition by dashing. Star Power knocks surrounding targets into the air and interrupts their special skills as well. Fit of Pique triggers multiple explosions in a line that can knock targets in the air. She has good synergy with Fenny - Coronet.

Cherno's normal attack interrupts enemies' special skill and deals a decent amount of damage. She's not in a higher tier because her Black Dog skill only provides a Slow (and deals zero damage), which feels like she's missing an entire skill from her kit. She can be a good fit in some situations where you might need crowd control, but aside from those very specific scenarios, she won't be that useful.

Mauxir aka Kitty has a unique "soul mechanic" that makes her quite interesting to play with. Her ultimate ability, Moment of Judgement has an execution mechanic that is based on Mauxir's HP as well as the targets'. On top of that it grants Kitty with additional frost damage. She needs a lot of investment in order to perform.

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