Mech Arena's latest update introduces new Pilot feature

Mech Arena's latest update introduces new Pilot feature

Today, Plarium has released the biggest update for its 5v5 shooter Mecha Arena so far. It introduces the Pilot feature, which adds 12 characters to the game, who will enhance your mech on the battlefield.

With the new update, you will be able to pair one of these new pilots with a mech, which will boost weapon and ability traits. Beyond that, you can level up pilots to further increase the stat boosts they provide. You can equip one pilot for each of your mechs and head into battle with five of them.

You will want to consider which pilot you pair with your various mechs since each comes with an innate skill that sees them specialising in certain weapon types. On top of that, pilots can also earn implant skills. They can increase weapon range, reduce reload speed and alter special abilities. You can instal implants to activate them, and rarer pilots will offer additional implant slots.

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The rarities are Rare, Epic and, Legendary. The initial batch of 12 pilots includes Yeti, Spark, Samson, Rosa, Red, Mako, Major, Nova, Jester, G-Lock, Fei and Crow. You can check out the video above for more details about the newly added feature.

Discussing the new feature, Haim Turpiashvili, chief product officer of Plarium, said: “The addition of pilots is the largest update in Mech Arena since its launch. This new character element offers a collectable dynamic and enhances customized gameplay experiences. Pilots lay the groundwork for introducing more personality and story depth to Mech Arena, while also providing HP, DMG boosts, and improvements for the many weapons in the game.”

Mech Arena is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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