Mech Arena is commemorating the launch of the FIFA World Cup 2022 with the upgraded MVP Neymar Jr. Pilot

Mech Arena is commemorating the launch of the FIFA World Cup 2022 with the upgraded MVP Neymar Jr. Pilot

Last month, Plarium Games made quite the announcement as they had managed to snag the insanely popular Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr. as the brand ambassador of their mobile multiplayer shooter Mech Arena. Not only that, but Neymar’s character is also the strongest pilot to date.

And what better time to introduce him than soccer season as the FIFA World Cup 2022 kicks off in Qatar. But, a lot of you, over a million actually, already have the Neymar pilot and got it for free. The catch here is, that skin was just the first edition of Neymar Jr., and there is so much more to come.

Last month we were just celebrating the arrival of the FIFA World Cup, but now that it’s actually here, we must commemorate the occasion. So, NR Sports, Neymar Jr., and the developers hit the drawing board again and came up with the even more awesome MVP Neymar Jr., pilot.

Speaking about their new MVP Pilot, Ronen Gross, VP of Business Development, said: “Every four years, football fans from across the world unite to watch their favourite players represent their country on the pitch against the world's best. Inspired by this great competition and our partnership with NR Sports and the football star Neymar Jr., we wanted to give our global Mech Arena gaming community a special event and pilot for the occasion. During this period, players can join the derby event to battle more, earn more, and level up faster when they unlock their Free MVP Neymar Jr. Pilot.”

The new edition of the soccer star will have a limited run as well, only being available until December 18th, through the Mech Arena Cup Derby. To be able to participate, players will have to gain 1200 XP before the deadline. Once the special event is unlocked, players must complete daily missions to gain points and awards which ultimately leads to the MVP Neymar Jr. Pilot.

Neymar’s upgraded version is even more powerful than its predecessor. He has a brand new look with a 35% increase in guided and close-quarters damage and 40% in speed, cooldowns from the first level, and the highest available implant slot abilities.

Add the MVP Neymar Jr. to your squad by downloading Mech Arena now for free.

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Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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