Silver Centurion heads into the battle realm of Marvel Contest of Champions

Silver Centurion heads into the battle realm of Marvel Contest of Champions

After the announcement of new additions to the roster in Marvel Contest of Champion in the last month, Silver Centurion can now be played as he makes his appearance for the first time in the game.

Silver Centurion, originally named Harry Rhodes, is a descendant of the Battleworld version of War Machine. His prime duty is to serve the House of Iron as an Iron Legionnaire. His character suits his job as he is a determined and ambitious soldier who wears the suit to honour the legacy of his family.

He mainly specializes and relies on his drones to carry out attacks and surveillance. Coming from the Tech character class, his basic abilities include Plasma, Armor Up, Heal Block, Slows etc.

His suit allows him to deal massive damage under certain circumstances and has ample utility support to survive a war. But his attacks lack critical effects, which might be a drawback for the players who seek champs with high damage output along with critical effects.

Along with his strengths, his weaknesses are also a considerable fact. The armour is his only way of surviving the enemy blows. When Silver Centurion is out of Armour Buff, he is quite vulnerable on the battlefield, and anyone immune to his critical strikes can easily outplay him.

Players ready to master some of the combos can really dominate the battlefield with their skills and abilities and his weaknesses can be ignored if he’s played properly. Silver Centurion can be a nightmare for the opponents if some of his masteries, such as Double-Edge, Collar Tech and Perfect Block are executed precisely.

For more stats and attributes of Silver Centurion, head to the official website.

Marvel Contest of Champions is now available on Google Play and App Store. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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