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Magic Chronicle tier list and reroll guide

Magic Chronicle tier list and reroll guide

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Updated on May 15th, 2024 - Version: 2.0.5  - Upcoming - Mousie Agent Jerry

Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG is now available on both Android and iOS. If you are a new player and you want to learn about the best characters in the game, we have made a complete Magic Chronicle tier list where we rank every character! On top of that, we have included a mini guide to help you perform a reroll if you need to.

Before we get into the rankings, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. For starters, no matter how strong a character is, this is a team game. This means you will have to build a proper team around your favourite characters if you want to see them performing their best.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these rankings are based on the characters' full moon performance (maxed). Also, since it's relatively new, and new characters keep joining the roster, likely these rankings will soon change.

Also, I've decided to rank only the Legacy characters in the game because they are the only ones that matter after a certain point.

One last thing, since you are an RPG enjoyer make sure to take a look at our AFK Journey tier list. Easily one of the best entries in this genre to be released lately! Besides that, there's a Watcher of Realms tier list and a couple of other RPGs that we have covered. Write down what you're looking for in the search bar above, and you'll most likely find your favourite mobile title.

Alright, it's time to get into our Magic Chronicle tier list!

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Character Type Range Role
Gabriel - Seraphim Intelligence Ranged Support
Fuma - God of Ninja Power Melee Warrior
Oersted - Interstellar Bard Intelligence Ranged Mage
Eleanor - Pupils of the Abyss Intelligence Ranged Mage
Andrea - Succubus Princess Intelligence Ranged Mage
Hades - Ice Lord Intelligence Ranged Support
Lucifer - Fallen Angel Intelligence Melee Assassin
Satan - Infernal Demonlord Intelligence Melee Support
Chronos - God of Time Power Melee Tank
Hela - Soul Scythe Power Melee Tank
Odin - King of Gods Power Melee Tank

Let's be real, the top of the Magic Chronicle tier list is the reason why you are here. To find out which are the very best characters in the game. In other words, which are the S-tier characters? Well, here you have them. These are the best in their roles. But, as I mentioned in the previous page, for them to perform their best, you need to put together a team with good synergies! It's very important.

Luckily, there's something like a mini guide for every character. All you have to do is go to your in-game gallery, tap on your favorite characters, and then select hero guide on the top left of your screen.


Character Type Range Role
Nightingale - Angel in White Intelligence Ranged Support
Makaria - Sacrificial Girl Intelligence Ranged Mage
Kawano Shibu - Red Blood Sword Soul Agility Melee Ranger
Eleanor - Pupils of the Abyss Intelligence Ranged Mage
Hecate - Nethermoon Goddess Intelligence Ranged Mage
Hohenheim - Alchemist Intelligence Ranged Support
Hathaway - Dream Hunter Agility Ranged Ranger
Julius - Julius Caesar Agility Melee Ranger
Fenrir - Swamp Wolf Power Melee Tank

The best alternative choices to S-Tier for your team are the A-tier characters. They perform very well in every stage of the game and they can tackle most content. Of course, you still need to have proper synergies and put together a team that makes sense!

It's safe to invest in these characters if you have them. Especially the ones that you can get for free.


Character Type Range Role
Naga - Ocean Lady Power Melee Warrior
Andvari - Dwarf King Power Melee Tank
Medusa - Queen of Darkness Intelligence Ranged Support
Serqet - Scorpion Queen Intelligence Ranged Mage
Marco Polo - Great Adventurer Agility Ranged Ranger
Anubis - Netherworld Guardian Power Melee Tank
Zuke - Jungle Sage Intelligence Ranged Mage
Atalanta - Firmanent Bow Agility Ranged Ranger
Sironi - Saint Emperor Priest Intelligence Ranged Support
Margaret - Iron Lady Power Melee Tank

B-tier characters are decent, to say the least. They certainly have a spot in your team, but it's somewhat situational. Some of them have good skills that might synergize well with some other top characters. That makes them valuable.


Character Type Range Role
Adug - Blade of Revenge Agility Melee Assassin
Pan - Nature Faun Intelligence Ranged Support
Isabella - Gravekeeper Agility Ranged Ranger
Watt - The Mechanic Agility Ranged Ranger
Melinoe - Ghost Goddess Agility Ranged Ranger
Osiris - Afterlife Lord Power Melee Warrior
Carrie - Unicorn Elf Intelligence Ranged Support
Nefertai - Night Catgirl Agility Melee Assassin

C-Tier characters are not as good as you would like them to be, at least at the later stages of the game. Some of them can be used as complementary pieces to round up your team. That said, make sure you really need them before you invest your resources in them.


Character Type Range Role
Joan of Arc - Vatican Saint Intelligence Ranged Mage
Emily - Zombie Bride Power Melee Warrior
Achilles - Deer King Agility Melee Assassin
Erebus - Dark Incarnation Power Melee Tank
Ebulon - Sorrow Spear Agility Ranged Ranger
Caucasian - Wind Chaser Agility Ranged Ranger
Poppy - Saint Beast Power Melee Tank
Minotaurus - Axe of Fury Power Ranged Warrior
Nome - Earth Guard Power Melee Tank
Michelen - Royal Chef Power Melee Warrior
Callisto - Great Bear Soul Power Melee Warrior

At the bottom of the tier list for Magic Chronicle we have characters that are not that good currently. Maybe in the future with the release of new characters or some rebalance patch they will start to perform much better. That said, if you get them in the early game they can carry your team. They are all Legacy after all.

How to perform a reroll in Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG

If your gacha luck is turning its back on you, don't worry about it! You can simply try again by performing a reroll and pulling from the banners again. It's not complicated and it doesn't take long to do so. OK, here's how you do it.

  • Start Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG on your device.
  • Make sure to log in as a guest. This is a very important step. You don't want to bind your account to an email just yet.
  • Play through the tutorial and complete stages 2-2 to get access to the summon system. That said, I'd suggest you play up to stage 2-28. Don't worry about it, it's actually fast to get there.
  • Claim every reward possible and start pulling from the banners.
  • If you didn't get the characters that you wanted, tap on your profile icon on the top left of the screen and select "Set".
  • From the new menu that will appear, tap on the "CS" button. Select "Switch".
  • Tap on the server name to select a new one. Start again from step 1.
  • If you did manage to get the characters that you were looking for, simply bind the account to your email.

And that's all we have currently for our Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG tier list and how-to reroll guide! Check back on this page from time to time as new character releases will definitely affect our rankings!

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