Loop Hero, the mind-bending RPG, is heading for iOS and Android with pre-orders now open

Loop Hero, the mind-bending RPG, is heading for iOS and Android with pre-orders now open
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  • You can get 10% off launch price by pre-registering
  • The game is a roguelike RPG where you fight to break a lich's time loop
  • Loop Hero features gorgeous retro pixel-art for you to enjoy

Four Quarters' mind-bending time loop RPG Loop Hero will be making its way to mobile thanks to publisher Playdigious! The game, initially published by Devolver Digital, will hit iOS and Android on April 30th. You can now pre-order it on the App Store at a quite decent 10% discount compared to its release price.

Loop Hero is a dark fantasy roguelike RPG where you must defeat an evil lich that has thrown the world into a repeating time loop. You'll have to explore randomly generated loops, and loot equipment to help and slowly build your hero up in order to break the loop for good.

Retro fun from Four Quarters

It should come as no surprise that Playdigious and Four Quarters are bringing this game to mobile after original publisher Devolver already showed a great deal of interest in mobile themselves. Their investment and the positive reception their games have had has shown that there's a hungry audience for premium retro games on mobile. Devolver also brought a number of titles to Netflix Games as well as earlier ports like Swords of Ditto to iOS.

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You can check out the reveal trailer for Loop Hero above!

And eclectic is a good word for Loop Hero, although the game still boasts some gorgeously realised pixel art that still manages to light up even a smartphone screen. Loop Hero has also received consistently high reviews on everything from press outlets to PC storefront Steam, so if that's anything to go by this release should be a real must-buy for mobile RPG fans.

And if you can't quite wait for Loop Hero to hit storefronts at the end of April why not check out our list of the top RPGs on mobile that you can play right now? We've got everything, including JRPGs, to keep you occupied before you can break the lich's time loop once and for all in Loop Hero!


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