Play Together is welcoming the Year of the Azure Dragon with a brand new update

Play Together is welcoming the Year of the Azure Dragon with a brand new update
  • The Guardian Dragon and his pupil are on Kaia Island and need help in exchange of valubale rewards
  • Azure Dragons are all over the seas and can be caught using the Sacred Bait

Haegin has just announced a new content update for their mobile casual social network game, Play Together. This time, they’re celebrating the Lunar New Year on Kaia Island as everyone gathers together to commemorate the Year of the Dragon. Players can expect to come across a whole host of content and promotions centred around this theme.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year in Play Together, the Guardian Dragon was called to Kaia Island with his pupil. Unfortunately, the majestic creature has found himself in a tough spot after losing his Chintamanis. Players must help the dragon find these objects in exchange for bucketloads of coins.

Event coins are a valuable currency as they can be used to purchase a variety of azure dragon-themed items at Paraahn’s Guardian Dragon Shop. Since the Guardian Dragon and his pupil are new to the island, they need some help getting familiarized with it. Players who do so will be additionally rewarded with the amazing Guardian Dragon costume and cute azure dragon-themed vehicle as well.

Speaking of Azure Dragons, these beautiful creatures can be found in the seas around Kaia Island. Gigantic Azure Dragons can be seen in particular locations as well as the Resort area. What’s more, is that players can catch them using their fishing rod and the Sacred Bait, which must be created in the workshop.

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On top of that, a Year of the Azure Dragon photo zone has also been constructed in the Plaza Area. We’re also close to Valentine’s Day, which will be celebrated by the NPC Chocolat, who will be giving away lovely goodies to everyone who completes missions. Find Chocolat on Kaia Island beginning February 12th.

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon by downloading Play Together using your preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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