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Last Shelter Survival Tips & Tricks

Top Last Shelter Survival Tips to help you throughout the game

Last Shelter Survival Tips & Tricks

Below we'll take a look at some key Last Shelter Survival tips and tricks to help you expand your base and grow quickly in the game, without having to spend a dime. 

These tips are ideal for both free-to-play and premium players alike, but f2p players will find them most crucial to their development. As you might have already noticed, everything will take time to complete in the game.

Nothing can be done in as little as one second unless you spend some premium currency for the speed-up. So if you want to learn how to best allocate all of your resources, while keeping a steady pace at expanding and managing your troops, you're in the right place. Use some of our Last Shelter Survival redeem codes to get a headstart!

We'll start off with one of the most important aspects of the game, and that is troop and resource expenditure. Then, we'll dive into some basic growth tips and the layout fundamentals, and finish off the list with some useful tips regarding the heroes. That being said, let's dive into the list of Last Shelter Survival Tips, shall we? 

Tip #1 - Always build the maximum number of resource farms you are allowed

This should always be your number one priority, especially in the earlier stages of the game. Whenever you expand your sources for the various resources, you will automatically make an investment. These farms are not going to go anywhere, and you will benefit from them being build from the get-go. 

As you expand your territory, you'll discover more possible resource locations, and each time you do, you should start exploiting them right away. Sure, it will take some time to get the initial investment back, but as I said - it's an investment. You will get a lot more in return once you've got them in place. 

Tip #2 - Be aware of the difference between free-to-play and premium players

If you're just starting off, you might not notice the importance of spending money on the game (unless you want to advance super quickly in a relatively short time) just yet, but the higher your base level and tech level, the more time it'll take to complete various upgrades and research. 

Then, you might be tempted to invest money into the game, but consider yourself warned - there will always be stronger players who can spend a lot of time (and money) on the game. If you just want to play the game for fun, then I would recommend sticking to some packs and offers that give you limited stuff, and not subscribing to every single offer there is - some of them are not worth it at all! 

Which packs are worth it?

As you might expect from a game like this, the packs that you'll get the most for your buck are not always going to come cheap. Some of the best ones you could pick are: 

  • The $5 cumulative pack 
  •  Any limited pack that appears during holidays
  • The VIP Points on Mondays (for Tickets)

The others could be okay, but you should really count the number of VIP Points and Tickets you get when purchasing them. If you believe it's worth it and you have the means to purchase it, then by all means get it! 

Tip #3 - Join an active Alliance

I can't stress enough the importance of a big and active alliance. It's one of the crucial Last Shelter Survival tips that we can give you! When you join your very first alliance, chances are it won't be one of the best. Just stay there until you manage to grow a little, and get your base strong enough to face off (almost) any attacks. Then, after you improved, start seeking a stronger one. 

No matter if it's big or small, an Alliance will help you speed up building and researching everything with the help of other players. That will save you a ton of speed-ups in the long term, so always make sure to request and offer help - every single day, for everything that you build!

Tip #4 - Save your speed-ups for the late game

I'll start by saying that you should never use your speed-ups in the early stages of the game. I'd very much suggest not using them at all until your base is at least level 10-15. Try to avoid using them for as long as possible, because the more you advance, the longer everything will take. 

Another important thing you should never forget about (or underestimate) is the Alliance help function (as we mentioned above). Always rely on that before you spend your speed-ups. Depending on how many players will pitch in to help, you can save up a lot of time in speed-ups.

Always start upgrading the buildings that take a lot of time right before you close the game

This tip will help you save time and speed-ups by completing the time-consuming major updates while you are offline (sleeping, working, studying, or whenever you are not actively playing). If necessary, try to finish up any upgrades that would end within 1-2 hours after you close the game. Use whatever speed-ups you need to complete these, and then start updating something that would take you 8 hours or so. It's literally a time-saving tip! 

Tip #5 - Always send your soldiers out

Train, assemble, and deploy soldiers and heroes to complete various tasks. You can send out your troops on the field to gather or to fight something, and you should do so every chance you get. It'd be a waste to have your soldiers sitting in the barracks once you've trained them. 

I strongly suggest sending them out to gather the resources you're missing for building more farms. That will almost always come in handy, but sometimes it could be better off to send them to battle. Of course, you should always leave some soldiers home to defend the base. That way you won't be completely exposed to attackers. 

Tip #6 - Keep Research active at all times

Once you are able to research various technology branches, you should slowly start working on every single aspect of it. Research takes time, anywhere from a few minutes at the start, up to several hours. It's a lengthy process for a fairly small reward apparently, but in the long term, it's going to give you great benefits. It's one of the key aspects in Last Shelter Survival, along with the heroes and upgrading everything. 

If you're wondering about what to research first, my suggestion would be to always prioritize fields that increase your construction speed (and thus the upgrade speed). Then, you can focus on the military (attack, defense) or on resource production. It depends on what you need the most, but basically, construction speed should always come first. 

Tip #7 - You don't need to pack everything super close together

It might come as a surprise, but you don't actually have to pack everything into a tiny space. You can expand your zone and beautify it however you like. The only important thing is to build roads in order to connect all the buildings. As long as you do that, you don't really have to worry about anything else. 

The reason why I say is, is because normally in this type of game, you have a pre-defined area where you can build. However, that's not the case with Last Shelter Survival. You will unlock quite a bit of land around your HQ, and you can expand your buildings anywhere on that territory. 

Tip #8 - Invest in a few heroes which are the best

As the last point, I'll mention a couple of things about the heroes. They can be great at boosting specific features, but not all of them will be worth your time. Gathering all the resources for upgrading their skills can be costly, and if you plan on playing for good, then you want to save up everything for when you get THE hero you want (or heroes). 

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Do you know any pro Last Shelter Survival tips that you'd like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below! 

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