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Last Shelter Survival codes: April 2024

Last Shelter Survival codes: April 2024
Updated on: April 16, 2024 - Checked for new codes

In this article, you will find a list of active Last Shelter: Survival codes. We’ve tested all of them and we’ve confirmed that they are working as of today.

Last Shelter: Survival, is a massively multiplayer online strategy game by Long Tech Network Limited, the same publisher of another very well-known title, Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire is available for iOS and Android devices. 

The zombies are coming and the last shelter is falling apart. What are you going to do? Rebuild it and try to survive or turn into a walking dead? Only you can answer that question. But one thing is certain. You are about to experience a post-apocalyptic world created by very realistic stylized graphics.

How to redeem codes in Last Shelter: Survival?

If you are a new player, the first thing that you have to do is to finish the tutorial. Don’t worry, it’s fast and it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

Once you've done that, tap on the ‘Menu’ button at the bottom right of your screen. That will expand the menu and reveal a few more options. What you want to do then is tap on the three dots button. By doing that, you should be in the ‘Settings' menu. On the right-hand side of your screen, you should see the ‘Activation Codes’ option. Tap on it and just type one of the Last Shelter: Survival codes from our list EXACTLY as you see it (or you can simply copy-paste it). That’s all, you can then claim the rewards from your mail.

Last Shelter Survival codes

Active codes

  • No active Last Shelter: Survival codes at this time.

Expired codes

  • 2024EASTER (Valid till April 5)
  • 2024LEAPDAY (Valid till March 6)
  • 2024SPRfight
  • 2024LUCKYU (Valid till January 7)
  • LSSXTWD1204 (Valid till December 18)
  • LSSXTWD1203
  • LSSXTWD1202
  • LSSXTWD1201
  • LSSXTWD1130
  • LSSXTWD1129
  • LSSXTWD1128
  • LSSXTWD1127
  • LSSXTWD1124
  • LSSXTWD1123
  • LSSXTWD1122
  • LSSXTWD1121
  • LSSXTWD1120
  • LSSXTWD1117
  • LSSXTWD1116
  • LSSXTWD1115
  • LSSXTWD1114
  • LSSXTWD1113
  • EPICNEWS1110
  • EPICNEWS1106
  • 2023SUMMER - 2 Super Recruitment Tickets and 3000 Diamonds
  • Ls888 : Redeem this code to receive the following rewards: 1k Diamonds, x2 Super Recruitment Ticket x2, Allow Barrel x20, Defensive Components x10, War Horn x50, 10k Food x50, 10k Fuel x50, 6,4k Lumber x50, 4,8k Iron x50, 5k Cash x10, 5 min Speed-Up x50, 1 hour Speed-Up x5
  • 2023AnniversaryParty
  • 2023Anniversary01
  • 2023Anniversary02
  • 2023Anniversary03
  • 2023Anniversary04
  • 2023Anniversary07
  • LSSTWD0524 
  • DARYL0425 
  • MAGGIE0426 
  • XjZ1NwbqpvXwkH_xt
  • XfNOuuknlGPootA_le
  • PoRLxL2PtVQqAcw_el
  • ggtCr3ssLvW5yXy_NX
  • Rfg3nIeqcgLg2X2_Pv
  • oztrSrsCC4aJ7OG_V4
  • cxgvlpLhpaumstf_Km

About Last Shelter: Survival cheat codes and cheat generators

Be aware of the many sites out there giving away cheat codes and generators for Last Shelter: Survival. Some might ask you to download an app or even make a small purchase before they send you the ‘codes’. Keep in mind, by doing that, you are putting yourself at risk. Those apps can comprise your device in many ways and can end losing valuable personal information.

How to get new Last Shelter: Survival codes

Only the developers can issue new Last Shelter: Survival codes. The truth is, it’s been quite some time since they released any new ones. You can follow their official Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest news about the game. You can always check this page, as we will post anything new, as soon as they get released. You can also check Infinity Kingdom codesSword Master Story coupon codes, Rocket League codes and many others on our website!

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