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Last Shelter Survival tier list: All heroes ranked

Last Shelter Survival tier list: All heroes ranked

If you want to know who the best heroes are, then look no further because we've created a complete Last Shelter: Survival tier list where we ranked every single unit available in the game. You need to keep in mind that all of these heroes excel at specific tasks or in specific fields, so make sure to pair them up well and take into consideration each of their specialities.

The top-tier heroes can usually fit into most team compositions and are extremely versatile when it comes to the content they're fit for. I would recommend you invest in a few units at the start, the best ones that you have and match our top-tier heroes since they have the strongest skills at the moment.

Keep in mind that ideally, you want to max out each of the heroes, even if that won't be possible at the very beginning. You can do it in time though, so make sure to always have that as a backup plan - especially if some of your favourite heroes are among them!

How we ranked the best Last Shelter: Survival heroes 

In the game, heroes belong to one of two categories: Combat or Develop. We ranked them all into one single tier list, starting with SS Tier (god tier), quickly followed by S tier, A tier and so on, all the way down to D tier, which consists of the weakest heroes.

Of course, this ranking is solely based on how good each individual unit is, so when you take that unit and place it into a team formation, it could perform better than it would on its own.

Heroes' positioning in any team is also key, so make sure that you always position the sturdiest units in the front, while the squishier ones will stay at the back.

Last Shelter: Survival tier list - all heroes ranked

Below you can find the complete tier list of each unit, from best to worst. 
SS Enzo (The Great Engineer), William (The Marketeer), Claudia (Master Marksman), Lucia (The Undertaker), Musk (Razor), Hans (Iron Guard), Reaper, The Forsaken One, An'Nuo (Dawn Guardian)
S Yokokura (Drill Master), Cole (The Mechanic), Tariq (Oil Tycoon), Walter (The Alchemist), Ron (Carpenter), Nora (Pioneer), Nile (Militant), Sergei (The Arsenal), Iron Teef (The Destroya), Mohauuk (Shoota Man), Adande (War Hound), Kidd (The Outlaw), Gonzales (The Veteran), Radica (The Viper), Nadia (The Orochi), The Secret Keeper
A Emily (Frontline Medic), Sebastian Stranahan (Esquire), Aleksandr (The Taskmaster), Joe (Foreman), Delphine (The Iron Maiden), Selina (Gun for Hire), Ignis Fatuus, NEC-Romancer, Michelle (The Socialite), Simon (The Courier), Paul (DUI), Javier (The Scout), Butch (The Brawler), Dave (Boom Boy), Dimitri (Colonel), Luke (The Watcher), The Beckoning (Shrike), Logistics Officer
B Penelope (Chrome), Lee Bin-woo (The Patriot), Joshua (Lieutenant), Gilbert (The Sheriff), Tony (Resistance Leader), Duke (Industrialist), Nick (War Master), Magic (The Trickster), Bob (Chubster), Batty (GateKeeper)
C Brown (The Avenger), Pamela (Organizer), Taylor (Accountant), Clyde (The Gentleman), Choppy (The Janitor), Domingo (The Backup), Sgt. Sasha, Trakka (The Tracker), Claude Fehn (Zombie Exterminator)
D Rosa (Head Nurse), Kenny (Carpenter), Ashley (Green Thumb), Survivor, Scavenger, Dana (Quarter Master), Tiny (The Annoying Kid), Pablo (The Defender)

That would conclude our Last Shelter: Survival tier list of best heroes! If you have any comments, leave them down below, we'll take it all into consideration. Positions are not set in stone, and if the community agrees we should switch some heroes, it will be easy to do so!

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