Homescapes tips and cheats - Advice to help clear every level

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Homescapes tips and cheats - Advice to help clear every level

Decorate your house and solve puzzles with our Homescapes cheats

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Updated on January 17, 2022: formatting changes.

If you've been playing through the heavily advertised, mobile matching game Homescapes then you might be wondering if there are Homescapes tips or cheats available to help you get through each of the levels, especially some of the tougher, later ones. That's where we come in; there aren't any cheats, sorry, but these tips will have you clearing through the levels and restoring the house in no time.

Dear old mum and dad are considering selling the old family home - a potential disaster for Austin, the doting son who doesn’t want to see the house’s legacy lost. In order to save the house, Austin must solve some match-three puzzles, earn stars, and redecorate the entire house! It can be a daunting task, but we’ve got some advice for you…

Take a look below at our Homescapes tips and tricks, and with some good luck and fast fingers, you’ll have mum and dad’s house decorated in no time at all.

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Getting a headstart

Before you decide to slide anything into place, analyse things good and hard; you might spot something more convenient than most.

The blocks that are dropped into stages might be random, but where those blocks start certainly is not. When you start the stage, look for a good spot for a chain reaction.

More often than not, you can start the stage with a special block or with a big chain - just look carefully for the best place to start.

Combine for victory

Getting rid of groups of three blocks is one way to make progress, but it’s not the most effective. To make progress fast, the best idea is to group together many more blocks than that to create special blocks.

A row of four blocks can create a Rocket, which will clear a row either horizontally or vertically, a group of four will create a paper aeroplane, a group of five will create a bomb, and a row of five will create a Disco ball.

When these special blocks are mixed together you can even activate more special abilities, such as a multi-row rockets by combining a rocket and a bomb, or exploding paper aeroplanes with the bomb and aeroplane combo.

Using rockets wisely

Rockets can be the most useful special blocks in the whole game, if you know how to use them.

More difficult stages will have you clearing out jelly or boxes, and you can use rockets to quickly wipe out an entire row.

Keep in mind that you can slide the rocket onto the next row, and then it’ll set off only after it is in a new row. You can use this to cleverly position rockets and clear out plenty of objectives.

New carpet

In some stages you might need to cover the background with carpet - this is awkward at first, but you’ll soon get used to it.

Clearing blocks isn’t enough to create fresh carpet - at least one of the cleared blocks had to have been on carpet already. In these stages, it’s important to not clear random rows of three if they’re not touching carpet.

Luckily, bombs, aeroplanes and rockets can all help spread carpet - but again, they must have to touch carpet first.

Changing Rooms

If you’re not content with the decor you’re laying down for dear old mum and dad, you can actually change it at any time with just a few coins.

Hold your finger over an object in the house you’d like to change, and you’ll be given fresh options on what you can change it to.

Objects in the house don’t really impact the overall game much, but do make sure mum and dad are happy - but of course, the person you should satisfy most with your decorating should be you!

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