KartRider Rush+ season 25 takes players to outer space

Race on whole new tracks and more

KartRider Rush+ season 25 takes players to outer space
  • KartRider Rush+ takes you to space with the new season 25 content
  • Explore a number of new tracks, all with a cosmic flair
  • And earn exclusive rewards in the four-year-anniversary celebration events!

KartRider Rush+'s new season 25 update is here - logging in now, you can enjoy new tracks, cosmetics and more. But that's not all, because season 25 also marks the four-year-anniversary of KartRider Rush+, and fans can look forward to exciting events (and even more exciting rewards) as a result.

The new maps include Skyway (Northeu), Cosmoway (Northeu) and Moon Garden (Fairy), while from April 26th through to June 9th you can log in to earn 4EVER Coins and event-exclusive rewards. You'll also be able to trade tire shards from May 5th to Sunday, May 12th, in order to earn legendary karts like the Cronos Air (5d) and Onyx Beetle Dasher - MAX (5d).

All this and an increase to the level cap and a new kart proficiency system for players to enjoy!

Ahhhh, what a rush
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We don't know if KartRider Rush+ has been cribbing notes from KartRider: Drift, but it is interesting to note that two games have gone for the space theme in such a similar genre, so close to one another. Then again, kart-racers don't exactly have a distant relationship with space, as anyone who's flown off the track on Rainbow Road can attest to.

Inspiration aside, season 25 of KartRider Rush+ promises a whole host of new additions, exciting ones at that. So if you're interested in taking a crack at them, log in now to see what the new maps and events have in store for you!

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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