KartRider: Drift's massive new update adds ten new space-themed tracks and BLACKPINK collab

KartRider: Drift's massive new update adds ten new space-themed tracks and BLACKPINK collab
  • KartRider: Drift's latest update adds a whopping ten new tracks
  • The Northeu Theme update adds new tracks and sees the return of the BLACKPINK collab
  • The update is live as of the time of writing

KartRider: Drift is getting a whopping ten new tracks to race around with their newest update, Northeu Theme. The update will also see the return of KartRider: Drift's successful collab with K-pop supergroup BLACKPINK. KartRider: Drift previously launched season 5 of the game in December 2023 with the collab, and it seems to have been successful enough that now BLACKPINK is making a return once more.

The ten new tracks being added are: Cosmoway, Perilous Shortcuts, Orbital Highway, Hoppin’ and Jumpin’, Far, Out Planet, Spaceport Launchpad, Express, Space Station X, Sky Way and Space 101. While BLACKPINK members JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA will feature in exclusive costumes, with additional cosmetics and more available as part of the collab. The update also promises a newly customised shop for players, and the addition of new skills.

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It's a smart move to bring in a new update this big with the addition of a well-received collaboration. K-pop is big business, and having heard all about the girl group BLACKPINK from friends who are fans, we can safely guess that the return of this collaboration will draw in new players. For starting off 2024, adding in a whopping new ten tracks (although we can't vouch for how good or bad they are) is an impressive number to start off the year strong. Here's hoping we see much more from KartRider Drift as the year continues!

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