Dark and Light is a new mobile sandbox game just launched on Google Play and the App Store

A promising survival sandbox adventure

Dark and Light is a new mobile sandbox game just launched on Google Play and the App Store
  • Dark and Light is a new open-world sandbox survival game for iOS and Android
  • Featuring multiplayer, mounts, crafting and more, it offers itself as a complete package
  • Try it out for yourself on Google Play or the App Store

The sandbox survival genre has been expanding on mobile recently. With the Valheim-like Dawnlands and other games coming to mobile, the idea of having something close to a console and PC-like experience isn't a pipe dream anymore. So what does the new survival game Dark and Light hope to offer to mark itself out?

A reboot of a previous game from the late 2000s and already released for Steam, Dark and Light Mobile promises to offer base-building, crafting and survival in a magical world ruled by elemental forces. On the planet Archos, with the remnants of the mother planet Gaia floating overhead, you'll be going it alone or playing as part of a faction to take on the numerous denizens of Archos that're out for your, and your friend's, blood. So here's hoping you can keep the faith, and the light.

Light and Dark
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It's great to see another open-world survival sandbox game come to mobile. Admittedly they're not always up to snuff, but the concept is something we think works very well for mobile. A lot of games like this tend to encourage playing a little and a lot, so being able to pick up your phone and hop on the servers for a few hours is a lot more convenient than booting your PC at all hours of the day.

As for the actual quality of Dark and Light? It'll be hard to say. Early videos and trailers look very solid, but of course, looks can be deceiving. You might just have to try it for yourself; Dark and Light is out now on the App Store and Google Play.

But if you're a little too sceptical about all that and want something you can be sure is good, we've got you covered. Our regular feature of the top five mobile games you need to try this week should offer something good.

Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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