KartRider Rush+ lights up the sky with special Dragon Festival update, adding new karts and racers to the fray

KartRider Rush+ lights up the sky with special Dragon Festival update, adding new karts and racers to the fray

Nexon has announced a festive new update for KartRider Rush+, letting players join in on a vibrant fireworks extravaganza to celebrate the racing game's 22nd season. In particular, the "Dragon Festival" update will add "Fairy Chen" and "Princess Solaris" to the fray, along with the legendary karts "Dragonia" and "Rainbow Phoenix".

In the latest update to KartRider Rush+, you can look forward to pushing your speed to the limit on the "Dragon Sanctuary (China)", "Endless Road (China)" and "Rhythm of the Seas (China)" circuits. If you've got the bucks to spare, you also get your hands on the Season 22 legendary karts "Onyx Beetle Dasher" and "Adamant Beetle Dasher" from the Beetle Center.

Along with the update come the Tuning kart "Abili-Tune" and Tuning Coins that you can earn via the Sim Mode (which is now a permanent feature!). These, in turn, can be used to boost Drift Power, Nitro Duration, and other attributes to make sure that your Tuning kart is at the top of its game.

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Of course, no update would be complete without a login event, and here, you can score goodies like the "Green Onion Back" and "Peking Duck Balloon" simply by checking in until November 5th across the ranked races.

If you're keen on joining in on all the fun, you can do so by downloading KartRider Rush+ on the Google Play Store for Android devices and on the iOS App Store. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can also visit the official website to stay updated on all the latest developments, or take a little sneak peek at the embedded clip above to get a feel of the game.

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