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Infinite Magicraid codes for coins and diamonds (June 2024)

Infinite Magicraid codes for coins and diamonds (June 2024)
Updated on June 11, 2024 - Checked for new codes

If you are looking for working codes for Infinite Magicraid, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will share a list of all the working codes that you can use to get free in-game rewards such as coins, diamonds and much more.

We will update this post with new Infinite Magicraid codes as and when they are released. So don't forget to bookmark this page and frequently visit to find new codes for Infinite Magicraid before others. You can also rummage through our vast collection of code articles including Shadow of Death 2 gift codesGuardian Tales codes, and many others. For the fans of the genre we have the finest gacha games for Android, and the finest iOS gachas.

List of all working Infinite Magicraid codes

  • ENJOY2024 - Excellent Rune*10 (Valid till June 16)
  • Test111111 - Use this code to get 100 free coins and 100 Diamonds
  • IM999 - 30 Excellent Runes
  • IM777 - 10 Excellent Runes, X777 Diamonds, and 777K Coins

Expired codes

  • BANISHED3 - Diamonds*1000 (Valid till June 12)
  • LIANACE3 - Diamonds*1000 (Valid till June 9)
  • MAYEVENT2024 - 10 EXCELLENT RUNES (Valid till May 19)
  • HAPPYS100 - Mythic Hero Conversion Stone * 1 + Diamond * 1000 + Excellent Rune * 10 (Valid till May 16)
  • SPRING2024 - 5-star Dragon Egg, Regression Potion and coins (Valid till April 21)
  • MOON2024 - Diamonds (Valid till April 9)
  • EASTEREGG - Diamonds (Valid till April 7)
  • OCEAN2024 - Diamonds (Valid till March 17)
  • BAILEY3 - 1K Diamond (Valid till March 10)
  • FPA3BESAUROM - 1K Diamond (Valid till March 4)
  • LOVELOVE2024
  • GUONIANLA - 3 Regression Potions, 3 5-star Dragon Eggs, 3 Advanced Skill Scrolls (Valid till February 24)
  • HAPPYCNY2024 - 10 EXCELLENT RUNES (Valid till February 11)
  • NEWYEAR2024 - 10 Excellent Runes (Valid till January 14)
  • LORDERIC3 - 1000 Diamonds (Valid till January 14)
  • FA3BETIEUTRU - Diamonds*1000 (Expires December 31)
  • XMASFUN2023 - 10 EXCELLENT RUNES (Expires December 31)
  • HALLOWEEN23 - 10 Excellent Runes
  • ZHONGLI16B - 1K Diamonds (Expires December 06)
  • THANKU2023 - 1K Diamonds (Expires December 03)
  • ZHONGLI3 - 1K Diamonds (Expires November 19)
  • OCTGIFT - 10 Miracle Runes (Expires on October 20)
  • OCTGIFT - 10 Miracle Runes (Expires on October 20)
  • BETIEUTRUFPA - 1000 Diamonds (Expires on October 8)
  • SEPTGIFT - 10 Excellent Runes (Expires on October 7)
  • IM1YEAR (Expires September 30)
  • PHEL3 (Valid till Spetember 23)
  • PROX1MA - 1000 Diamonds
  • IMPARTY- 10 Miracle Wish Runes (Valid till August 13)
  • SUMMERTIME - 10 Excellent Runes (Valid till August 12)
  • DISCORD150K (Expires on July 31)
  • SUMMERTIME - 10 Excellent Runes
  • IMRJUNEGIFT - 1k Diamonds and 1 Regression Potion (Valid till June 14)
  • FEAST2023
  • EASTER2023
  • IM999
  • NEWYEAR2023
  • IMRTHANKYOU - 10 Excellent Runes
  • IMRHALLOWEEN - 10 Excellent Runes
  • DISCORD100K - 1000 Diamonds
Infinite Magicraid reward box

These Infinite Magicraid codes are time-limited. Try to use them before they expire. Also, ensure you enter the codes, including any special characters, precisely as mentioned above to avoid errors.

How to redeem codes in Infinite Magicraid?

Redeeming Infinite Magicraid codes is a simple process. But if you haven't redeemed codes before, don't worry. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to redeem gift codes in Infinite Magicraid:

  • Click on your Avatar Icon located on the top left-hand side of the screen
  • Now click on the settings button located on the left-hand side
  • Click on the redeem code button located at the bottom
  • Copy and paste any of the active Infinite Magicraid from above in the text area
  • Click on the confirm button to collect your free rewards

redeem code screen in Infinite Magicraid

About Infinite Magicraid

Infinite Magicraid is a turn-based 3D RPG featuring hundreds of heroic characters and strategic combat that will test your wits and keep you on your toes. In Infinite Magicraid, you must collect heroes, equip them with strong gear, and embark on a journey to defeat the evil god Lihem. To help you pick the best heroes, we have created a tier list for Infinite Magicraid.

Infinite Magicraid is available on Android and iOS in select countries. In others, it's coming soon. You can download or Pre-register it now on Google Play or the App Store.

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