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Illusion Connect Tier List - Every hero ranked

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Illusion Connect Tier List - Every hero ranked

Updated Illusion Connect tier list of all the characters

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Updated on January 17th, 2023 - re-checked the tier list - The game closed, so we stopped updating the tier list

Welcome to PocketGamer's Illusion Connect Tier List! When you start playing Illusion Connect, you want to have the best head start possible - you want a powerful lineup that can help you get to the late game, and that can easily defeat all the Nightmares and bosses that lie ahead. I can't stress just how important it is to have some powerful partners by your side. For that reason, this Illusion Connect tier list is going to be your best friend all throughout the game. 

On our Illusion Connect tier list below you will discover some of the best characters that are going to be super powerful, as well as some that are going to be just fine until you get better ones. And believe me, when I say it you will get all of them, but it will take a lot of time. So don't despair if your first summons won't bring all the S-tier characters, because that won't be an issue, and I'll tell you why. 

Summoning banners

You see, in Illusion Connect the summoning banners are account-bound. So, if you start an account tomorrow or next week, you will receive the same banners as somebody who's started their game months ago. The only difference will be the Selected Banners, which are server-wide. 

Apart from the Selected Banners (which are usually event-related, but not only) most of the Rate Up banners are account-bound, and they are available for a week, starting the first day you open the game. So make sure you keep up with all of them and also don't forget to summon when a character that you want is available (like Yuffie or Kasumi).

Also, keep in mind that there are Illusion Connect redeem codes that reward you with plenty of free goods, so check them out and redeem them before they expire! 

Below you can check out the Illusion Connect tier list of all the best partners in the game! If they add any new characters to the game, check back soon because we'll keep you updated!   Original article by Cristina Mesesan, updated by PocketGamer Staff.
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Illusion Connect Best Attackers

illusion connect tier list

Here you can find all of the Attack characters currently available in the game. Most of them go well with the Nightmare Hunter Leader (because of his passive), but some will pair up exceptionally well with Light Paladin or Sakura Swordsman. The characters are ranked from best to worst.

TierCharacters - Attack
S Kasumi, Silver Dragon - Rie, Saya, Kichou, Rosy - Alice
A Glaucia, Rem, Hersey, Gemmy, Maki, Kong Xinyuan, Kanata
B Esma, Asque, Muneharu, Yume
C Graye, Pan, Haruka, Ophelia, Edward
D Gigi, Abby, Lunar
E Mei, Mia, Carol, Penny

Illusion Connect Best Sorcerers

illusion connect tier list - maki

Sorcerers have long been some of the best units in the game, especially at the very launch of Illusion Connect, but lately they seem to fall short in the favour of Light and Attack partners (at least, some of them). Nonetheless, units like Yuffie are still extremely strong with her Awakening, and Fenebeth is a beast especially in PvP (thanks to her anti-heal Curse).

TierCharacters - Sorcerer
S Divine Melody - Beatrice, Yuffie, Nicola, Hachi Shiki, Dawnbreak - Rikia, Twin Flora
A Chaturaji, Heidi, Fenebeth, Rotania
B Tonya, Ram, Nefir, Nina, Natata, Elena
C Mavis, Rie
D Chiyo, Mary, Emma, Ai Mizuno
E Tiffany

Illusion Connect Best Guardians

illusion connect tier list Here you can find the best Guardians in the game. Angela is the one you should try to focus on as soon as you get her, since with the addition of a UR weapon specifically designed for her she's pretty much unkillable. Once you awaken her, she'll be even tankier, therefore she's in a league of her own.

TierCharacters - Guardian
S Angela
A Kiraya, Selena, Sakai, Makoto
B Hathaway, Boris, Barinas, Camille, Grant
C Victoria, Annie, Berial, Domessa
D Sachiko, Yasmine, Shanti, Ludwig
E Bontenmaru, Loro

Illusion Connect Best Healers

tier list - victoria

There are not that many healers in Illusion Connect, and until not long ago, Anna and Diana were the only two extremely powerful ones - however, since Ming has been added to the game and received Awakening, she is one of the best healers available. She can even outheal Anna.

TierCharacters - Heal
S Hank, Meck, Campanella, Diana (Awakening, otherwise she's A tier), Jason, Anna, Ming
A Butterfly, Emilia, Bonnie, Shane, Augustus
B Diamond
C Junko Konno
D Jasmine, Lily
E Polly

Illusion Connect Best Summoners

With the right team, Summoners can become extremely powerful. Since Annis Dora will receive Awakening soon, she's one of the best characters alongside Ashwaya and Gagaku. Even though they won't be extremely useful in PvE, Summoners thrive in PvP because they win through numbers rather than sheer force - of course, some force can be involved but that's not all there is. They're also quite fun to play - and difficult to play right.

TierCharacters - Summon
S Red Tiger - Chiyo, Annis Dora, Ashwaya, Silhouette - Hersey
A Gagaku, Sonia, Frankie
B Senkikumaru, The Enforcers, Frantiva, Rubi
C Mad Hatter
D Ann
E Flora

Illusion Connect Best Light Partners

illusion connect tier list

Light characters typically aren't that strong, but they mostly focus on buffing the other partners. They can provide crowd control, buffs, invulnerability and all sorts of stuff in order to make the Leader and the team stronger. They can go well with the new leader, Axe of Dawn, Light Paladin, Spirit Healer or can mingle with pretty much any other team.

TierCharacters - Light
S Phoebe
A Yoki, Vivian, Ion, Jane, Agnis, Averyl
B Charlotte, Amon, Swift
C Brooke, Eileen, Cubie, Kristine
D Alice, Okuni, Rynda
E Harto

Illusion Connect Best Spell Characters

Similar to Light characters, Spell characters also feature a lot of crowd control, can inflict negative status or can remove them (in Rikia's case). They are not particularly strong unless we're talking about Awakened Miyuki who can one-shot if properly geared up.

TierCharacters - Spells
S Miyuki, Seeger, Sophie
A Ginny
B Astaroth, Mysterious Maiden
C Rikia (because she removes all CC and negative effects)
D Sakura Minamoto
E Beatrice, Nanalie

Ranking the characters is a fun job, so we made an Epic Seven tier list, Top War tier list, Grand Summoners tier list, and we didn't stop there. Try to search for your favourite game in the top left corner, we've probably covered it.

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