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Grand Summoners Tier List - The best characters ranked

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Grand Summoners Tier List - The best characters ranked

Note that the Grand Summoners tier list was made for the latest patch

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Updated on July 18th, 2023 - Updated the tier list, added Rin & Luvia, Illya

Like most of the other outstanding RPGs, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a Grand Summoners tier list of best heroes to help new players, as well as those who are more experienced with the game. Feel free to visit it every now and then, as we will keep it updated to the latest patch version of the game. 

Grand Summoners is an RPG made for anime fans by Good Smile Company. The game is about playing with ancient heroes in a fantasy universe. It features all the elements from a standard RPG while blending it with beautiful anime content.

The game claims to help console gamers who wish to experience their childhood once again in a better and improved way. It is well designed for players seeking an action-oriented adventure journey that contains flashy animations and visually impressive scenes.

How to choose the right heroes for the role?

But players often fail to choose the perfect hero for a particular role as the title features hundreds of heroes, who have unique skill sets and abilities. Not all heroes are effective in every battle situation, so players will have to find the best one among the plethora of options to tackle the demons.

In order to help you out with this confusion, we have carefully curated a Grand Summoners tier list based on their roles. The tiers start from S+ and move down to, S, A, B, C, D.

Original post by Suchit Mohanty, updated by Mihail Katsoris
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SS Tier

Top Grand Summoners tier is considered as the collection of god-level heroes due to their effectiveness and durability on the battlefield. The heroes appearing under this tier have huge advantages over others and cannot be easily countered. Lastly, these particular characters are well-balanced and scale up easily.

Berwick’s triple passive is the only essential thing you would need initially. Later on, Flame Nova and Flare Bust scale up significantly, making it the top hero of the S+ Tier.

Vox, the second place holder is the best Water element hero. His Brilliant Blades Art is the reason he sits on the top tier among all other heroes of the Water Element.

In the third place, we have, Mako, the best support element hero who could make her way to the top tier as this meta is all about attack and support. Her advanced support skillset syncs well with all heroes irrespective of elements.

Ginzo: Battle Form Attacker
Illya Support
Shalltear Attacker
Dead Master Attacker
Valerie Attacker
Vultee-Lr Attacker
Cynthia Attacker
Charlotte Support
Draken Supporter
Mikey Attacker
Marika Breaker
Gray Fullbuster Attacker
Berwick Sub Attacker
Natsu Dragneel Attacker
Lucy Heartfilia Attacker
Simon Attacker
Priscilla Attacker
Priscilla-Is Attacker
Vox Attacker
Thetis Defender
Cestina Sub Attacker
Hart Support
Beach Majesty Juno Attacker
Tao Ren Attacker
Juno Attacker
Mako Support
Summer Princess Leone Sub-Attacker
Priestess Support/Healer
Liza Support
Asirpa Support
Norn Sub Attacker
Emilia Sub Attacker

S Tier

The heroes falling under this category on our Grand Summoners tier list are continuously transferred within the upper and lower classes as their stats and attributes change frequently. Some of the heroes get countered while the rest of them are used only in particular situations.

Raphtalia at the top of this tier is a 5-Star rarity hero. Players can utilise her scaling crit damage that comes from her passive. And if you lack accuracy, then you can completely depend on her skills as they grant an increase in accuracy by 20%.

High Elf Archer is also similar to Raphtalia as they both deal crit damage. The only exception is her accuracy.

Then, in third place, is Queen of Ancient, the only healer who earns a high spot on this tier list. Her ability to increase the damage of her allies is what brings her into this tier.

Albedo Attacker
Rin & Luvia Attacker
Narberal Support
Stellar Wing Cestina Attacker
Abyss-Stained Riviera Attacker
Mizuki the Twelfth Sub Attacker
Erza Scarlet Attacker
Yoh Attacker
Anna Attacker
Strength Attacker
Luminous Dragoon Melissa Attacker
Nui Harime Attacker
Groitz Support
Black Cat Detective Liese Support
Rimuru Support
War Hero Fen Sub Attacker
Spy of Darkness Fen Sub Attacker
Swordsman Berwick Attacker
Fen Support
Sakura Miku Sub Attacker
Sakuya Attacker
Hatsune Miku Support
Rosetta Support
God of Dragon Knights Weaver Sub Attacker
Ruthless Demon Divine Celia Attacker
Samurai Rimuru Attacker
Blazing Divine Guardian Sanstone Defender
Kurama Sub Attacker
Mitsuya Sub Attacker
Melty Support
Maquiness Support
Yusuke Urameshi Sub Attacker
Raine Sub Attacker
Empress of Spirit World Sonije Support
Empress [Black Rock Shooter] Support
Luahn Attacker
Rem (Grand Summoners) Sub Attacker
Dragon Lord Gerald Defender
Kisaragi Attacker
Ancient Dragon Priestess Favelle Defender
Riviera Attacker
Sakura Itto-Ryu Mira Sub Attacker
Queen of Ancient Powers Aristela Healer
Azure Flash Filia Defender
Miranda Defender
Rem (Re:Zero) Attacker
Dancing Scythe Reaper Veronica Attacker
Holy Knight Goddess Feena Sub Attacker
Kimono Milim Attacker
Naofumi Iwatani Luck/Defender
Orvell Attacker
Arcana Support
Ashe Sub Attacker
Batiste Attacker
Agent of Darkness Kane Attacker
Black Cat Detective Liese Sub Attacker
Twilight Commander Forte Sub Attacker
Shuri Attacker
Asakura Yoh Sub Attacker

A Tier

Middle of the Grand Summoners tier list consists of average heroes which are made by considering their counter abilities, stats and damage scaling. These heroes are best when played in dungeons and, of course, they entirely depend on items.

Tier A is topped by Bloody Devil Spy Millenia, a fire damage hero whose massive AOE damage crits periodically. Illusory Twin Blades Melia, the nightmare for the Fire Enemy as her damage doubles if she’s against a Fire element. Lastly, the third one, Benimaru, performs exceptionally well if he has low HP, as the extra damage from his arts trigger.

Ryude Granza Attacker
Ainz Attacker
Fitoria Support
Tenchi Thetis Attack
Vultee Attacker
Musse Sub Attacker
Gilliam Luck / Support
Bullet Hell Roy Attacker
Peerless Pyreblade Gran Brave Attacker
Chifuyu Supporter
Hime Sub Attacker
Flame Spirit Empress Lian Sub Attacker
Blazing Flame Empress Lione Support
Radak Sub Attacker
Santa Milim Sub Attacker
Saichi Sugimoto Attacker
Divine Fox Painter Sumire Support
Tamae Attacker
Virtuous Torch Vermilia Healer
Eagle Defender
High Elf Archer Sub Attacker
Intelligent Divine Governor Parlot Healer
Illusory Twin Blades Melia Attacker
Amane Sub Attacker
Celia Defender
Benevolent Annihilator Marzex Attacker
Rits Defender
Solace Virtuosa Rits Sub Attacker
Saitama Attacker
Serah Sub Attacker
Victoire Sub Attacker
Bakoo Sub Attacker
Chloe Luck / Sub Attacker
Elusive Cannon Princess Courtney Support Breaker
Hero of Darkness Zeorg Defender
Garou Attacker
Grad Luck / Attacker
Hiei Attacker
Sealed Terrible Tyrant Lygor Sub Attacker
Santa Rimuru Sub Attacker
Santa Shion Attacker
Speed-o'-Sound Sonic Attacker
Younger Toguro Breaker
Black Dragon Knight Wargul Breaker
Angelas Attacker
Cosmo Attacker
Benimaru Sub Attacker
Ganan Luck / Attacker
Inferno God Ifrit Attacker
Millenia Sub Attacker
Milim Attacker
Tallis Breaker
Aesis Luck / Attacker
Fosly Breaker
Ram Defender
Terrible Tornado Breaker
Alvina Attacker
Diaz Sub Attacker
Hellish Blizzard Sub Attacker
Lozze Sub Attacker
Mizuki Sub Attacker
Nies Sub Attacker
Saar Sub Attacker
Shadie Support
Glacier Princess Tami-nyan Breaker
Aluze Attacker
Noel - True 'Velocity' Attacker
Shining Divine Warrior Platina Breaker
Raphtalia Sub Attacker
Beatrice Support
Harbinger of Armageddon Marzex Attacker
Duke Breaker
Ginzo Attacker
Goblin Slayer Attacker
Kyoyama Anna Support
Fallen Creator Kayas Attacker
Ragsherum Attacker
Hades Knight Emperor Regulus Attacker
Emperor Isliid Attacker
Soul Destruction God Zenon Sub Attacker
Takemichi Supporter

B Tier

You might not want to choose these heroes as your main, as they fall out of higher-level matches and their skill sets are pretty much useless against the top heroes. In case you want a support hero, the characters on this part of the tier list will work great.

As we have mentioned, the tier prioritizes Support heroes. It is pretty much open to using any support hero you want.

Hades Giant Guardian Badoul Luck/ Sub Attacker
Flaring Custodian Feld Support
Ryuko Matoi Attacker
Dualblaze Master Orgah Attacker
Woodland Deity Ashe Toto Support
Filo Attacker
Garlan the Earth Breaker Breaker
Master of Dragons Louvet Attacker
Phantasmic Creator Tree Valhalla Healer
Corsair, the Frozen Empress Attacker
Est Attacker
Pheles, Wings of Mercy Support
Satsuki Kiryuin Breaker
Ice Queen Selia Support
Shining Winged Emperor Daki Attacker
Emperor of Gods Freed Attacker
Leone Attacker
Child of Creation Alulu Attacker
Cygnet Attacker
Grohl Attacker
Melia Sub Attacker
Nier Luck / Support
Number 2 Sub Attacker
Arosdea Sub Attacker
Clyde, the Crimson Sword God Attacker
Sorceress of Space-time Alma Support
Piercing Paragon Salyssa Sub Attacker
Kane Attacker
Destruction Machine Goddess Lapleh Sub Attacker
Virago Luck / Sub Attacker
Sealed Fox Princess Zeela Support
Cathemilla Luck / Sub Attacker
Blessed Escutcheon Duran Defender
EDEN Support
Ninja Machina Jack Attacker
Kazuma Kuwabara Attacker
Master of the Six Demons Mixie Support
Shiki Sub Attacker
Valentia Healer
Raging Annihilator Leon Support
Lord of Black Art Onfuan Defender
Dark Winged Swordsman Raki Attacker
Gracious Warrior Zoroas Support
Maximum Force Zecht Sub Attacker
Fatewyrm Dargeon Attacker
Ruby Ninja Empress Honoka Sub Attacker
Mira Attacker
Conflagrative Annihilator Soleil Attacker
Arth Breaker
Twingavel Empress Catilou Support
Phantom Operative Jill Breaker
Sword Ruler Luda Attacker
Magnificent Star Archer Mamori Sub Attacker
Saku Sub Attacker
Emerald Blademaster Vogue Attacker
Spear Spirit Empress Daisy Breaker
Elmessio Sub Attacker
Luminous God Knight Gaia Luck / Defender
Silent Divine Palamicia Breaker
Quon Luck / Sub Attacker
Vitz Luck / Attacker
Aquarias Empress Yomi Attacker
Aqua Melia Support
Edram Luck / Attacker
Master of Swords Nogia Luck / Sub Attacker
Holy Dragoness Rhodia Attacker
Heavenly Executioner Zechsia Breaker
Boros Attacker
Dahlia Sub Attacker
Toshizo Hijikata Attacker
Death Sickle Queen Lily Attacker
Strife Luck / Sub Attacker

C Tier

Heroes from the bottom of the Grand Summoners tier list are completely out of meta and must not be used if the players wish to have an easy match. The skills and attributes of these heroes are outdated and would need a revamp to climb up the tiers.

Finally, on the bottom of the tier list, the only heroes which we can recommend you to use in the high-level matches are, Dragon Master Zoroas, Mother of Dragons Alche and Dark Destroyer Leon. Although, it is true that no hero is bad and it entirely depends on the user. But still, there are some criteria and requirements which players need to fulfil while choosing a hero to play against the enemy.

Inferno Guardian Goddess Anna Attacker
Inferno Emperor Ragna Breaker
Blazing Axe Empress Rishley Attacker
Zoldes Breaker
Forbidden Knowledge Keit Sub Attacker
Dragon Guardian Empress Nerim Healer
Olgeth Attacker
Haden Flower Empress Pola Sub Attacker
Divinity Destroyer Vaid Breaker
Herck Breaker
Riana Attacker
Roy Breaker
Great Wolf Assassin Sly Attacker
Empyreal Beast Elfalla Support
Maiden Princess End Sub Attacker
Liese Healer / Attacker
Radiant Spear God Reyon Breaker
Zeorg Attacker
Evil Demon Empress Coco Breaker
Genos Sub Attacker
Rasaou Breaker
Teriodos Sub Attacker
Voghan Breaker
Alche Healer
Iris Support
Rhiotis Support
Abaddon Attacker
Keiones Attacker
Mizyna Attacker

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