Honkai: Star Rail shows off new trailer at Summer Games Fest 2024

See March 7th, Penacony and more!

Honkai: Star Rail shows off new trailer at Summer Games Fest 2024
  • Honkai: Star Rail got a new trailer shown off at Summer Games Fest
  • It shows top supporting character Penacony and teases the climax of her arc
  • You can check out the upcoming version 2.3 when it drops June 19th!

With Summer Games Fest 2024 coming and going, it's no surprise that there's plenty still to round up. And who else would have a major presence than MiHoYo? After the success of Genshin Impact, the developer has shot to gaming superstardom, with their hotly-anticipated follow-up Honkai: Star Rail launching to just as much praise as its predecessor.

So then, MiHoYo debuted a new trailer at Summer Games Fest, showing off upcoming content that can be expected in version 2.3 (which we covered recently). The trailer shows off a sneak peek of the finale of Penacony, one of the core supporting cast, and the mission that has driven much of the 2.0 arc of Honkai: Star Rail. As well as the debut of March 7th in an increased capacity.

You'll be able to experience the new content of 2.3 soon, as the update drops on June 19th. Check out the new trailer for Honkai: Star Rail, below!

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On a rail

MiHoYo has definitely been on the rise these past few years. But their showcase at Summer Games Fest is the biggest evidence yet of just how prominent the company has become. This is, after all, the event that has basically taken the place of E3. And it's notable that a mobile-first game like Honkai (although it is multiplatform) has such a prominent place.

It's further proof that mobile has a big part to play in even the biggest gaming showcases.

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