Hello Kitty Island Adventure debuts new Valentine's Day-themed celebration

Hello Kitty Island Adventure debuts new Valentine's Day-themed celebration
  • The Hugs & Hearts festival starts from today until February 21st
  • You can acquire exclusive rewards in-game
  • Items include new furniture, clothing and more

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is getting into the romantic spirit with the new Hugs & Hearts festival event! The cutesy island-builder-themed after everyone's favourite feline mascot will debut a host of new items, rewards and more for you to acquire as the event runs from the time of writing until February 21st!

If you don't know what Hello Kitty is...have you been living under a rock? This adorable, originally Japanese, mascot character is probably one of the most well-known - and lucrative - out there. All you need to know is that Hello Kitty is all about feel-good antics and vaguely inoffensive, wholesome fun. So it's no surprise that the Animal Crossing-inspired Hello Kitty Island Adventure has proven so popular with fans and casual players alike.

Hearts, hugs, kisses and more

The Hugs & Hearts festival is, naturally, a heavily Valentine-themed celebration. This means you'll be able to acquire new themed furniture and clothing to bedeck your characters with, all in garish pinks and excessive hearts. These items, such as the Sweetheart Dress, Rockabilly Suit and Love Bug Hat, will all be available as exclusive rewards during the event as it runs through February.

You can check out the trailer for the Hugs and Hearts festival below!

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Even though it may be a cutesy island-based game, Hello Kitty Island Adventure is by no means shallow. And if you're in any doubt as to that, we've got guides on everything from recipes to acquiring lost luggage and even how to warm the hearts of your island inhabitants with special gifts.

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