Hello Kitty Island Adventure introduces the Merry Meadow region in the version 1.5 update

Hello Kitty Island Adventure introduces the Merry Meadow region in the version 1.5 update
  • Version 1.5 features the new Merry Meadow region
  • Wish me mell is the new friend joining the update
  • A Springtime Celebration event will be running from March

Sunblink and Sanrio have just unveiled the fifth major content update for Hello Kitty Island Adventure, which is exclusively available on Apple Arcade. Version 1.5, titled Merry Meadow, sees the addition of a new area. You’ll be involved in a lot of activities such as creating your own dream garden, exploring lush meadows, and discovering new tools.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure’s Merry Meadow region is a beautiful space, full of vibrant flowers, quaint cottages, and enchanting hideaways waiting to be discovered. Dive into the heart of the garden and uncover its secrets, including the arrival of a new friend, Wish me mell, who is known for her friendly demeanour and love for gardening. You must embark on a quest to find her, earn her trust, and cultivate a lasting friendship.

Here’s a list of tips to get you started off in HKIA!

As you explore the Meadow, engage in a new flower planting system, allowing you to create your dream garden adorned with beautiful blooms. Unlock rarer and special flower varieties by planting, plucking, and decorating the island. In addition, the update also introduces a new storyline, where you can create a cosy den on the frigid Icy Peak as a novel adventure begins.

Furthermore, everyone can join Hello Kitty and Friends in the Springtime Celebration event, running from March 2nd to April 14th. Collect petals scattered throughout the island and exchange them for stunning Japanese-inspired decor and fashion items, including your very own kimono. You can also get your hands on more goodies by referring to our HKIA gifts guide.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the lush greenery of the Merry Meadow, where new friendships will be forged. Download Hello Kitty Island Adventure now by clicking on the link below. It is available as part of an Apple Arcade subscription.

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