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Girls X Battle 2 codes and how to redeem them (May 2024)

You can get some free gems and girl shards without breaking a sweat

Girls X Battle 2 codes and how to redeem them (May 2024)
Updated on May 04, 2024 - Checked for new codes

You can redeem any of the active Girls X Battle 2 codes below to get some rewards including free gems, girl shards and some other goodies. Keep revisiting this page every once in a while, as we will update it whenever we get our hands on new codes.

A new idle style, role-playing game (RPG), is the best way to describe Girls X Battle 2. From the same developers of GXB_Global and NinjaGirls: Reborn, Girls X Battle 2 is available for free download on Google Play and the App Store.

The game contains more than a hundred Japanese anime-style girls, each one with different skills, abilities, rarity and their own background story.

Focus on the Girls' formation

Players need to focus on their girls' formation in order to get the best results in battle. Improve the girls by crafting and enchanting their gear and acquiring unique antiques.

Every girl belongs to a certain faction, which includes Ghost, Human, Monster, Fairy, Demon and Angel. The girls will receive bonuses or penalties when facing enemies of opposite factions in battle.

There are many different modes for players to try out such as Quiz, Challenges, Boss fights, Events and Story mode, among others. By obtaining unit shards, gems and crystals, players can summon more girls for their formations. Also, many girls are obtainable through Market, Girl Store, Enroll, and many other means.

Girls X Battle 2 rewards

What is very interesting, is that all battles can be played with limited interaction, as the game has an “auto-battle” feature. All that players have to do is to deploy their girls and collect the rewards.

List of active Girls X Battle 2 codes

  • youtube111 - 300 Gem and 5 Adv. Capsule Coi
  • tiktok111 - 300 Gem and 5 Adv. Capsule Coin
  • GXB333 - 888 Gem, 10 Adv. Capsule Coin, 2 Star Token
  • GXB222 - 100 gems, and also 40 shards of 4 star girl (only for new accounts)

List of expired Girls X Battle 2 codes

  • 5ANNI005 - 20 Soul Tokens and 10 Regular Customized Resource Chests (Valid till August 3)
  • 5ANNI004
  • 5ANNI003
  • 5ANNI002
  • 5ANNI001
  • easter 
  • foolsday 
  • GXB2FR2ANS - 999x Gems, 10x Advanced Capsules 
  • GXB2DE1: Redeem this code to receive 10 Advance Capsule Coins & 910 Gems
  • 2021GXB2: Redeem this code to receive 500 Gems and 5 Advanced Capsule Coins
  • GXB2JP2 
  • GXB2JP1
  • 24asdfzq: 188 gems, 80 shards of a star girl
  • 25a99f5a: 100 gems, 40 shards of a 4-star girl
  • fab1df79: 100 gems, 40 shards of a 4-star girl
  • Fab1df79: 188 gems, 80 shards of a star girl
  • GXB2JP1: 100 gems, 40 shards of 4-star girl
  • XmasGirls2: 30x Advanced Capsule Coin

How to redeem Girls X Battle 2 codes

The process of redeeming codes in Girls X Battle 2 is actually very easy. All you have to do is tap on the "Menu" button, which is located at the bottom right of your screen. From the new menu that will appear, select the "Redeem" option. Enter one of the codes that you'll find on our lists in the textbox (or simply copy-paste it) and claim the rewards!

Girls X Battle 2 codes

Girls X Battle 2 code generators

When you do an online search for Girls X Battle 2 codes, it’s more likely than not to stumble upon “code generators”. Be aware, these generators are nothing more than a scam. Some sites might ask you for your credentials (ID, Password) or even to download apps. By doing so, you expose your device (and yourself) to all kinds of potential dangers and risks. Never give away your account and password and do not trust such sites.

How to get more Girls X Battle 2 codes

The developers usually release new codes or hold giveaways on their social media accounts. You can follow Girls X Battle 2 official Facebook page, to stay up to date with all the game news and latest information. Of course, you can always check back on this page as we will update our lists once a new code is released.

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