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Geometry Dash vault codes for May 2023

You need a paid version of the game to be able to use the vault codes. Even then, there is a catch to unlocking the vault!

Geometry Dash vault codes for May 2023
Updated on May 23, 2023 - checked for new codes

Geometry Dash is a very popular, tricky platformer, where you find yourself jumping about to avoid spikes while listening to the music. It’s a fun game, with a real ‘one more go’ feel. However, you may want to use some keys to unlock new features!

Now, only paid versions of Geometry Dash use codes. This means that you cannot use any of these codes in Geometry Dash Lite. With that in mind, you also need to unlock the ability to use codes in Geometry Dash, which is no easy feat. You will need to collect five keys in the game. To get one key, you will need to get 500 blue orbs. Most of the starter levels only give 75 orbs, if they are finished completely, so it might take you a while to unlock the vault.

Once you have received 5 keys, you are able to go into settings (the tool button next to the play button) and then hit the purple monster face door in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You can unlock the vault there and start using your codes! If you have taken the time to unlock the code vault, you really do deserve to use it.

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Active Geometry Dash vault codes

  • Lenny - Lenny Icon
  • Blockbite - UFO
  • Spooky - Shy Guy Icon
  • Neverending - UFO
  • Mule - Ship
  • Ahead - Wave
  • Gandalfpotter - Trail
  • Sparky - In game resources and a secret coin
  • **|8 16 30 32 46 84 - Illuminati Wave
  • *|(Your username) - an eye
  • Robotop - a robot

There are a few special codes as well, which aren’t exact words.

Enter your own username - Eye
This is your in-game username. To find your username, you should select the Face button to the left of the play button. The default name is Player, so you can just enter Player if you have not changed it. Otherwise, it’s whatever you changed it to.

The code 8, 16, 30, 32, 46, and 84 - Illuminati Wave
This is another special code. You will need to enter each individual number, and then select the Vault Keeper’s face. This means that to input this code, you should type in 8, select the vault keeper, type in 16, select the vault keeper, and continue until the code is finished.

Expired Geometry Dash vault codes

  • Octocube - Octopus Icon
  • Brain Power - Brain Icon
  • Seven - Finn Icon (from Adventure Time)
  • Thechickisonfire - Swamp Green color
  • The Challenge - Vault Keeper Levels
  • Gimmiethecolor - Red color
  • *|(Your number of stars) - Icon
  • **|It's a Puzzle - Icon
  • ***|Glubfub - Secret Coin

There are some special codes which have expired too.

  • Entering in the number of stars you have, previously gave you a random icon.
  • It’s a Puzzle was a code to redeem an icon, that then starts a puzzle for you to solve. After entering ‘It’s a Puzzle’, you then needed to type in ‘Cod3Breaker’ and then watch 6 numbers flash across the screen. It’s best to record this aspect. These numbers are different per user. You then use the numbers to solve a subtraction puzzle, coupling the first number, then the second number to subtract or add, to create more numbers. Yeah, it’s complex.

Geometry Dash Chamber of Time codes

Use these codes in the Chamber of Time for additional rewards.

  • Volcano - Gatekeepers Vision (Reward: Wave)
  • River - Gatekeepers Code (Reward: dark green color)
  • Silence - Gatekeepers Query (Reward: default icon)
  • Darkness - Gatekeepers Riddle (Reward: face icon)
  • Hunger - Gatekeepers Curse (Reward: hungry icon)

Those are all the codes we found for the Geometry Dash Vault, so hopefully, they help you get some cool items! We are featuring a number of similar articles, so you can use Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice codesOne Punch Man: The Strongest codes that will get you coins and tokens, Land of Empires codes and many others!

Original article by Jupiter Hadley, updated by Sumant Meena.