Genshin Impact's latest character trailer introduces us to the latest DPS character Yelan

Genshin Impact's latest character trailer introduces us to the latest DPS character Yelan

Critically acclaimed and massively popular action RPG Genshin Impact has released the latest character trailer for the newest addition to the already massive roster of playable heroes. This trailer features Yelan, a new melee DPS character who will make a fine addition to any player’s party.

This trailer comes only a week from the release date of the next big 2.7 patch for Genshin that will also feature an absurd amount of new content, and introduces players to their next gacha roll target; Yelan. Yelan claims to be a member of the Ministry of Civil Affairs but carries a sort of mischievous and suspicious aura about her, so it’s unsure if she truly means this.

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We’ve known about Yelan’s release for some time, but this trailer is the first time we get a true introduction to the beautiful sword-wielding melee DPS hero. She is already confirmed to be water-based, or a Hydro character as Genshin players will know them and is all about combining rapid attacks to do as much damage as possible in quick succession. Her Elemental Burst creates the Exquisite Throw to help your main active party member deal constant Hydro damage without interruption.

This will make for a perfect addition to your party and might make it easier to take on all the new challenges that patch 2.7 will introduce to you, alongside the new story chapters. With all this assuredly difficult and high-level content on the way, it might be good to get acquainted with Yelan and see if she fits into your party composition well enough to want to roll for her when she finally releases.

And of course, this is only the latest content released for the game. There’s a massive amount more on the way, so if you’re looking to get started, you can download Genshin Impact for free on both the App Store and Google Play as well.

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