Genshin Impact's v2.7 update, Hidden Dreams in Depth, will go live by the end of this month

Genshin Impact's v2.7 update, Hidden Dreams in Depth, will go live by the end of this month
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Genshin Impact has been hosting thrilling events with all their action-packed updates over the last few months. Now, another massive update - version 2.7 - Hidden Dreams in the Depths will go live on May 31st. It dives deeper into the region that was introduced in the previous patch, The Chasm. Players will come across a team who will reveal the mystery about people, monsters, and yakshas. Coupled with this are two new characters that will join the Genshin Impact universe.

The update begins with the Perilous Trail event that takes players to The Chasm on an Archon Quest story mission once again. Survival will be difficult but players will have Arataki Itto, Yanfei and new characters like Yanfei and Kuki Shinobu for company. The quest will slowly reveal how Liyue inhabitants fought against monsters 500 years ago and the significance of Yakshas, one of which, Xiao, is set to bump into the rest of the group.

Additionally, the story will let players take part in a new Realms of Guile and War combat challenge with rewards like an event-exclusive four-star bow, Fading Twilight up for grabs. The only thing to keep in mind during a challenge like this is party setup with Stratagem buffs and domain rules.

Running parallel to the Perilous Trail, the scholar from Sumeru, Hosseini recently discovered some dark, muddy substance oozing out of caverns in The Chasm. Through the Muddy Bizarre Event, players will engage in clearing out all this mud while fighting monsters and escorting hot air balloons with the Lumenstone Adjuvant and Pursina’s Spikes.

The version 2.7 update also introduces two new playable characters – Yelan and Kuki Shinobu, who will have their own Story Quests and Hangout Events. Yelan is a five-star bow yielder while Kuki is a four-star support hero who rocks a sword.

As we have seen with the previous updates, this isn’t all. More events will constantly be added. You can Genshin Impact for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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