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Where to find Vermeer's paintbrush and painting in Genshin Impact

Aiding Vermeer’s quest in painting, an artsy detour to make a kaleidoscope of colourful landscapes.

Where to find Vermeer's paintbrush and painting in Genshin Impact

One of the perks of being an open-world game is the breathtaking details the modellers have mapped out to indulge players in a dreamy, dazzling scenery in the topography rendered by ones and zeros - The story of Genshin Impact’s imminent rise to splendid fame is a testament to my remarks. Fresh out of the Genshin Impact’s 4.0 "Fontaine" update you are graced with some underwater Atlantis action.

NPCs seem to unanimously concur, with ambitious folks like Vermeer taking a step further to embellish and re-imagine a breathtaking landscape around Luhua Pool. The only thing preventing our buddy here from showcasing his talent is the missing essentials. Thus, it is up to you to don that mantle of a good Samaritan and help a fellow painter out. Lucky for you, we have a handy dandy guide on how you can do it.

Officially titled "Look for Vermeer's paintbrush and paint". The aspiring "Van Gogh" - Vermeer. Your first encounter with him is at a sealed Geo Statue where you will find him standing solemnly. Talking with Vermeer will initiate the quest, not without airing his grievances of being hampered by every artist's age-old dilemma of choosing the most photogenic spot to draw the landscape, along with his missing art supplies.

Shortly after, you will come across temporary possession of Vermeer's paintings that serve as a visual cue to find his equipment to aid you in finding a needle in the haystack.

The lifeblood of painters

As the saying goes, the paintbrush is mightier than the sword. The black and white sketch will be your guiding compass to find Vermeer's paintbrush in the Guili Plains area. From there, make your way up the ruins area perched high atop a bluff and on the stony platform. An option will be available to trigger Paimon's dialogue that unlocks a light source tucked away in the corner, just south of the pile of books.

Scrolling to the second visual cue - an elusive colour sketch - will have you traverse to Cuijue Slope for Vermeer's paint. The viewing point is just a stone's throw away from the waypoint in a north-east direction. The paint will be somewhere near a stump jutting out of the verdant field.

Speak with Vermeer again to unlock the next quest, in exchange for the art tools, you'll get a rotund, lustrous orb-like item called a "Strange Stone" and a generous showering of gratitude.

Leave no stones unturned

Your next quest is to venture out in the open again to find a matching half for the stone pair. Fortunately, the area is highlighted with a yellow outline for you to narrow down your search. There are only three known locations to investigate at the shallow pools of Luhua.

The other half can be unearthed at either one of these spots, with the occasional group of Hilichurls will be close by. 

With the two strange stones in your inventory, you will have to scale the two guardian statues erected in front of the Geo Statue. Ideally, start climbing from their cape all the way to the head to slot in the strange stone. Voila, you have proved to Vermeer that the legend of statues with glowing eyes is no farce. In the meantime, the previously inaccessible Geo Statue will become available.

The Finale

Overflowing with gratitude for your help in stroking his inspiration, Vermeer will announce his grand ambition of travelling further to create his next magnum opus, hence concluding his quest. As a satisfying closure, one cannot miss out on an epic battle from the equation. After having inserted the pair of stones and activating the Geo Statue. You will be required to fight against those Abyssal mages cloaked in their bubble shield with a time limit of 90 seconds. Elemental special attacks make short work of them, and waiting at the end is a Luxurious Chest flanked on both sides by arachnids.

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