All of the Genshin Impact currencies explained and how to earn more

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All of the Genshin Impact currencies explained and how to earn more

Get more of the cash you need in Genshin Impact with currency guide

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It's a free to play gacha game - as I'm sure you're already aware - that means it comes with all of the usual gacha trappings, including a dozen different kinds of Genshin Impact currencies that you'll have to keep on top of.

Well, it's not quite a dozen, but you get my point here. Genshin Impact has a bunch of different currencies and if you're just jumping into the game, their number can be overwhelming, and won't help you figure out what to do.

But that's okay because as always I'm here to break things down into bite-sized chunks and explain everything you need to know about Genshin Impact's different currencies. Paimon's Shop just accepts too many kinds of money.

Though please note, this guide ignores, for now, the Acquiant and Intertwined Fate items, as these are used for Wish summons, and should be pretty obvious. But now that we've got that out of the way, let's break down the essentials…

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Genesis Crystals

Genesis Crystals are the premium Genshin Impact currency you'll find in-game. You can only get Genesis Crystals from purchases (real-life money), and sadly there's no other way of getting them.

As a result, you only have to worry about these if you purchase them directly, otherwise, you can forget they exist. The generic USD price for them is the following:

  • $0.99 - 60 Genesis Crystals
  • $4.99 - 300 Genesis Crystals
  • $14.99 - 980 Genesis Crystals
  • $28.99 - 1980 Genesis Crystals
  • $48.99 - 3280 Genesis Crystals
  • $99.99 - 6480 Genesis Crystals

You can also find Genesis Crystals at different rates based on your region, and the conversion rates may also vary based on that.


Primogems are one of the main premium Genshin Impact currencies that can be obtained through in-game means. You can use this currency for a number of tasks, but most notably for Fate items and Wish summons.

Primogems can be collected from completing almost any task in the world, opening chests and completing quests included, and these can be traded for Fate items for Wish summons at a rate of 160 Primogems for one Fate. They can be earned in-game, or you can trade Genesis Crystals for them, at a rate of 1-to-1. Though if you play enough you will easily be able to get Primogems without having to buy Genesis Crystals.

How to earn more Primogems:

  • By raising your Adventure Rank
  • By opening chests (Common, Exquisite, Precious, Luxurious)
  • By worshipping the statues (Statues of the Seven, after activating them)
  • Complete Experience Chapters
  • Take on commissions (adventure rank 10)
  • Complete Domains instances
  • Complete Achievements
  • Check out various in-game events

Masterless Starglitter

You will only earn Starglitter from Wish summons, and it'll usually be because your summon is a bit disappointing. You'll most often get Starglitter when your Wish summon includes duplicate characters or weapons, so it's basically a consolation prize. When you have enough, you can trade Starglitter for more Fate.

To use the Starglitter, simply head on to the Shop and then onto Paimon’s Bargains. Select the Stardust Exchange tab and you'll see what you can get for your consolation prize's worth.

Masterless Stardust

Stardust is very similar to another Genshin Impact currency - Starglitter, and can only be acquired through Wish summons. You will get much more of this than Starglitter, and the items you can trade it for are far more varied.

However, the items you can trade Stardust for are limited. You'll only be able to buy 5 of each Fate item with Stardust per month. You can trade it for Mora or other items, but Fate is by far the most worthwhile investment, so if you run out of Fate to buy, keep saving up!

Anemo/Geo Sigil

Anemo and Geo Sigils are unique Genshin Impact currencies that can only be traded in at shops that sell Ascension materials - you can find these in towns, marked on the map with a diamond symbol. These sigils can be earned by completing quests and exploring the world near the town. Mondstadt will use Anemo Sigils, while Geo Sigils are used in Liyue. You won't need to worry too much about these. They can also be traded for Mora, if you need, um, more.

How to obtain:

  • From Statues (Statue of the Seven rewards)
  • Opening chests (Mondstadt chests for Anemo Sigil and Liyue chests for Geo Sigil)
  • Collecting water floating crates and rocky outcrops in Liyue (for Geo Sigil)


Mora is the basic Gold-like Genshin Impact currency of the world. You'll be using this for all of the more basic purchases from shops in the game, like buying ingredients and certain items. This is a pretty plentiful currency, but you will also need quite a bit of it in order to use enhancement and level-up items on your weapons and characters, respectively. Spend wisely so you don't run out too early.

How to obtain:

  • Claim Blossoms of Wealth rewards
  • Complete commissions
  • Complete quests
  • Open chests
  • Destroy Artifacts (1*, 2*, 3*, 4*)
  • From Events
  • Expeditions
  • Reputation tasks (bounties and requests)
  • Exchange Sigils
  • Complete Investigations
  • Daily check-in on the official website
  • From Battlepass
  • Exchange Masterless Stardust
  • From the Weasel Thieves
  • Exchange Bags of Mora
  • Killing enemies (farming)

Stella Fortuna

This is a Constellation Activation Material that you can use to activate the Constellations for each playable character. You can obtain it by getting a duplicate character (from Wishes, Paimon's Bargains Shop or Events). All you need to do is already have a copy of the character. All the other copies of it that you'll obtain afterward will become Stella Fortuna.

Original Resin

This currency is the equivalent of Energy in pretty much every other game. It is used to claim rewards from Ley Line Blossoms (20 Resin), Domains (20 Resin), Elite Bosses (40 Resin) and Weekly Bosses (60 Resin). You can run out of this by trying to complete a multitude of tasks in one go, so you'll need to replenish it to be able to claim the rewards.

This is how you refill your Original Resin in Genshin Impact:

  • Over time (1 Original Resin refills automatically in 8 minutes)
  • By using Condensed Resin (craft)
  • By using Fragile Resin (though we would recommend holding onto it)
  • Spend Primogems for replenishing it

Fates (Acquaint Fate & Intertwined Fate)

Both of these Genshin Impact currencies are used to complete Wishes. The only difference between them is that you'll use a different type depending on the Wish banner available.

How to obtain Fates:

  • From Paimon's Bargains (with Primogems, Starglitter and Stardust)
  • From the Battlepass
  • By ascending characters
  • From Adventure Rank

If you are looking for more ways to earn some of the Genshin Impact currencies, head off to our Genshin Impact redeem codes page, where you can claim all kinds of prizes every here and then.

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